Time 4 A Change (Get Lots of Laughter In 2011)

Happy 2011, The Year of Rabbit, did you see it above with its favorite food?

Lots of Laughter (Time 4 a change), I’ve got some jokes and please laugh and show something creative by answering three unanswered questions below, Good Luck!


Q1: what are the two things you cannot have 4 lunch?

Q2: What candy is never on time?

Q3: What food stays hot no matter how cold the temperature is?

Q4: When do you stop on green and go on red?

Q5: Why did the boy put sugar under his pillow?

Q6: Why is the honey so scarce in Boston?

Q7: What did Baby Corn Say to Mama Corn?

A1: Breakfast and Dinner

A2: Choco-late

A3: ______ (You Try please)

A4: When you eat watermelon.

A5:________ (Your turn please)

A6: Because there is only one B (Bee) in Boston.

A7: ________(Good Luck, think of who is missing in a family, then you know….)

Happy January 1, 2011, everyone!

Happy Birthday, Kavita!

26 thoughts on “Time 4 A Change (Get Lots of Laughter In 2011)

  1. A1 ~ Answer “Two Things” itself. hehe
    A3 ~ Hot dog
    A5 ~ Sweet dreams
    A7 ~ Look mama my beard is starting to grow..

    Jingle Happy Two Jilo One One , love the rabbit and the two carrots.

  2. Great ones Jingle made me think and smile too!!
    A3 is “Red hot chilly pepper”
    A5 is for “Sweet dreams”
    A7 is “Popcorn”
    Happy Day!!

  3. hey,

    a3 – hot dog.

    a5 – to have sweet dreams.

    a6 – where is popcorn (i.e. papa corn)

    liked it. 🙂
    happy new year ji, n every one reading this post.

    1. hot dog has hot in its name, but it turns cold if you don’t eat it in time..

      spicy stuff keeps hot or spicy for good, ..
      Thanks for trying,
      Thrilled to see you here.
      happy 2011.

  4. What a great start to 2011!! 😀

    Now let me put on my thinking cap and answer those few….
    A3: I’d say “Tobasco Sauce” 😉
    A5: So that he could dream “sweet” dreams. 🙂
    A7: He said, “Where is my POPCORN?” 😀

    LOL!! This was absolutely fun!!
    Thank you Jingle and I do hope we get lots of laughter from you in 2011 🙂

  5. tough questions, will check the answers later 🙂

    Happy birthday Kavita. May God bless you with all the happiness and sweetness in world. 🙂

  6. Lovely post, Jingle! I especially love the tribute to the Year of the Rabbit 😀

    Wishing you an awesome 2011 too!

  7. Jingle tQ for giving me the inspiration with the two carrots. Have not thought about it when until later in the day the two bananaz suddenly pop out haha.

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