Reflection and Expectations (Happy New Year In Pink)

No matter what I do,

All that I really care

is 4 words to ring true

and things to be fair.

No matter what I teach,

All that I truly enjoy

is the waves that ebb the beach

and mountain views that echo joy.

No matter what I write,

All that I genuinely love

is 4 the truth to stick out and shine bright

and stars to twinkle above.

Comb the messy hair,

Buckle your seat belt, evade no where,

Stop knocking out the wedges,

Ready, set, go, let’s turn the pages.

One Single Impression (comb)

Three Word Wednesday (buckle, evade, wedge)

Six Word Saturday (Happy 2011, Keep Your Talent Shining!)

Pink Saturday (Happy 2011, wow)

37 thoughts on “Reflection and Expectations (Happy New Year In Pink)

  1. Do things in a different way,
    talk stuff you will like best,
    think of friends you wanna keep,
    and the foes you would forget..

    find the love you will be proud of,
    the tears you can now let go
    let new desires that fill your heart
    seek the joys you had dreams of..

    Walk on these new paths dear
    and when you feel lost,don’t worry
    ’cause HE loves and he will care well
    the one who has paved this journey..

    ladymue shared this lovely poem with me via email, how sweet.

  2. Happy New Year Jingle Sweetie…
    Oh what a beautiful share to ring in the new,
    And keep all of us pinkies from being so blue.

    You are a treasure you see,
    You’ve so enlightened me.

    To the beauty of words,
    Let’s me sing like a bird.

    Happy New Year Sweet Friend,
    Thanks for letting me blend.

    I hope this little jingle,
    Makes your heart tingle.

    Your have brought so much joy to me, and you are inspiring me
    to open my heart more, and search what is there. Thank you for
    2010 sweet friend. It has been a treasure. You are a gem. I look
    forward to blogging with you in 2011. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. What a sweet and beautiful post! I would love to find some of those silky-looking pink Christmas tree ornaments for my white tree!

    Wishing you a blessed and happy New Year!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  4. Jingle

    I am amazed by how much energy you have and all you have accomplished in 2010. You brought communities together and always responded with positive uplifting comments. May this new year grace you with creativity, peace, love and joy.

    Happy New Year,


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