October is the beginning of Fall,

It has the beauty of fairies you adore.

Pecans and apples are ripen and golden,

Dogs and cats play hide and seek often.


October 1st is the best,

Because summer heat eventually gets to rest.

October 2nd is my birthday,

What a perfect time to celebrate.


I was born with the most curious eyes,

I enjoyed looking at autumn skies.

I was tickled by the rich colors of Fall,

I enjoyed pumpkin pies, my grandma used to recall.


I was terrified about getting flu shots,

Which had driven my parents nuts.

I was pleased to get the permission to choose

some of my favorite dresses and shoes.


I dreamed many fancy dreams,

I excelled in school without playing tricky schemes,

I explored places in long distances,

Thousands of books had given me soul food to smile at certain circumstances.


October is haunting ans exciting as well,

Ghosts are all over the town to dwell.

Feed yourself some sweet pop tarts

before the chill of November starts.


Months of the Year challenge – Oct

21 thoughts on “October

  1. I like October as well…and my birthday is October 3rd. I think there are many pluses to this month as it leads the way into winter – not too hot or too cold, riotous fall foliage colors, and we end the month with the fun of Halloween and trick or treat!

  2. October is the month when the trees are changing colors, the air begins to be nippy, and of course, Jingle’s birthday. Fall is complete. Good poem, Jingle.

    1. pop tarts can be toasted in a toaster, when you place a piece in the toaster the way you do to a slice of bread, it pops up when it is ready, and it is sweet and hot..

      google about pop tarts and toaster if you are not sure of what I am talking…

  3. October is a good month. One of my sons, my brother, and my dad all have birthdays then.

    Have you ever heard the song “October Road,” by James Taylor? If not, you should check it out…


  4. October is wonderfully colourful, and long may you celebrate your Birthday month…
    Thank you for dropping by, Jingle, and for your invite to participate in the Poets Rally… very much appreciated but I fear I must decline. Good luck to all who participate and may the best shine through…
    I love your line, thousands of books have given me soul food.. just the way I would describe the written word, food for the soul and feeding the imagination to the hilt…
    Happy New Year wish to you and yours…xPenx

  5. The month of Oct is very hot here and starts Oct 1st. 🙂 and Oct 2nd is your birthday which you share with the Great Mahatma Gandhi!!

    The poem is simply awesome with great merriment, enjoyable and amusing.

  6. October is one of my favorite months as well. The summer is winding down, the year is changing with so much excitement ahead.

    Thank you for this lovely link.

    Sending you warm wishes for a New Year filled with discovery, adventures and many joys!


  7. A lovely, sweet poem. I especially liked your words “I was born with the most curious eyes, I enjoyed looking at autumn skies.”

    Have a great day xx

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