The Search 4 A Poem (Happy Holidays)

Week 15 Theme: Reflections, Interpretations, Musings!

Week 16 Theme: Celebrations and festivities!

Thanks 2 Amanda/Kavita 4 The Muses…


I took an apple,

I washed it under the sink,

I dried it with paper towel,

Then I rubbed the smooth skin,

and smelled the flesh inside!

Sweeter than pineapple,

More crunchy than pears, wink,

The fairest fruit to gain brain power,

It tastes the warmth of the sunshine,

I breath out, then in,

Allowed the muses to offer me pride.

Special thanks to Trisha at Trisha for Poetry Potluck Pride, and Love It arts contribution…

submitted to potluck week 15/16 Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry

and Alphabe-Thursday

Claim any awards you like, Happy Holidays! xxx

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