There Are Lots of Visions In Me (4 Potluck Week 13)

Thanks to Kavita/Amanda 4 the inspirations, Week 13 theme: dreams, visions, and reveries, I find myself in many dreams or are some to share with u, enjoy!


There are lots of visions in me,

They appear as dreamy as they can be;

Whenever I feel sleep,

Things start to haunt me, so deep.

I see whisker-faced kitten,

Good and cute sheep,

yellow feet of a chicken,

and walkies-talkies that beep.

I also see faces that are tan,

golden rays of the sun,

stars and their many a fan,

plus smiles on people’s faces, yours and mine!

I see poetry on your web page,

arts hanging on back of your door,

the ballerina dancers on stage,

plus music you’ve never heard before.

I see cucumbers and tomatoes,

cauliflowers and potatoes,

roasted ham, crispy and golden,

plus blueberry muffins, hot from the oven.

I see spaceship,

birds passing over my head,

evidence of friendship,

plus sailboats facing waves with no dread.

Of course, reveries also roll inside me,

Yet I want them stay in dreams and float free.

when I wake up,

I will simply hang them up…

an umbrella 4 u!

A PC 4 u, keep writing poetry or proses and share!

The Merriest Poet Award 4 u.

I am super late to the party at Jingle Poetry Community, yet, here is my last minute entry, enjoy!  The above THREE award/treats are 4 all of my poetry friends, if you are reading this post, please feel free to claim.. .especially if you are a previous Poets Rally participants or Jingle Poetry Potluck participants, you deserve my attention and honor…

Happy Wednesday! U Rock! xxx

Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry

27 thoughts on “There Are Lots of Visions In Me (4 Potluck Week 13)

  1. Ji, this is super cute post.. the way you written made me wonder how one can pen down like this..

    –Someone is Special–

    1. thanks Ji, for the awards.. Give me sometime so that I will showcase all the awards..

      –Someone is Special–

  2. I’d like to thank you for the wishes you left for me on Jamie’s and Aurora’s blog! So very sweet of you! Loved the poem! Doing now a new post and will include some of the awards in it! Take care!

  3. Beautiful image and poems..
    Thanks for the wonderful awards..
    You are always motivating all of us by giving so much awards …
    How can you write along with replying and commenting all of us fellow bloggers…
    you are really amazing Jingle…

  4. I have to agree with Kelly, I love this part of my your poem,

    “I see cucumbers and tomatoes,
    cauliflowers and potatoes,
    roasted ham, crispy and golden,
    plus blueberry muffins, hot from the oven”

    It reminds me of Texas and they days we’d work in the fields picking whatever needed picking and then coming home and making supper and if it was a special night we knew we’d be getting roast ham and for a treat momma would blueberry and banana-nut muffins and always a pone of cornbread.
    This piece brought back some wonderful memories. Thanks so much for sharing. Be blessed.


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