When It Comes To Math

When it comes to math,

Some fear it to death,

Some fall out of breath;

Here is a simple confess:

Math is not something worse

than giving birth…

Math Is cool

If you know the rule;

Math is fun

If you are its fan.

Keep trying,

You can do it without dying…


Math says something perfectly true.


You can make a satisfying score.


Math has some magical tricks.

If you truly understand,

You will love math and feel grand.


When i started blogging one year ago, I truly enjoyed doing Monday Math posts. Glad to give it a try again today.

Today’s Math problem:If it takes 12 people 3 days to build 72 meters of fence, how many meters of fence can 15 people build in one day?

Hint: compute how many meters of fence each person build each day applying the first 3 numbers, then it is easy to calculate using giving condition!

Pick one:

A: 2

B: 12

C: 20

D: 24


Good Luck! I Wonder who can do it?

20 thoughts on “When It Comes To Math

  1. If it takes 12 people three days to build 72 meters, then one day would be 24 meters. 12 people would build 24 meters in one day, or 2 meters per person per day. 15 people would build 30 meters in one day, unless of course other variables come into the picture. If they are cooperating and helping each other their progress should be faster, especially if the company has downsized and workers have to produce more. If union rules forbid exceeding the given rate, then it’s worthy of a poem.

  2. I am math-phobic. We currently have an amazing exhibit at our museum in which a young mathmetician has created software so that he can input (horribly complex) equations to calculate color, line and shape. The work he then prints is phenomenal. I show it to young kids but older ones terrify me because I know they will ask questions I can’t answer (but that’s part of being a docent). As for adults…forget about it. You would love it, Jingle. It’s an unlikely marriage of art and math. You might want to do a search on Nevada Museum of Art and take a look at the info. The artist’s name is Ben Hoffman. He is 26 years old.

  3. Answer is 30 mathematically calculated however it would make lesser than that as some of them was out of breath and some too engrossed with the poem thus causing the delay. Great *mad* math haha. tQ

  4. Fear is dripping from me, but I tried it anyway. My answer 30. I wish I had learned math and really went further with it when I was young and had all of my faculties.

    My creative partner is a mathematician and creates amazing art using his knowledge. He also arrived and a deeply spiritual awareness through math alone. He sees everything in terms of mathematics. Amazing to me and I am envious. I am a math phobic dummy.

  5. If 12 people are building 72 meters for 3 days, then 12 people will build 24 meters for one day, which makes for 1 person 2 meters per day, so logically 15 people will build 30 meters for 1 day. The right answer is E-30, it’s easy math problem, you shouldn’t have given so many clues Ji :). I was always excellent at math, it was pleasure to read this post, reminded me of first 2 years University, when math was coming out of my ears 🙂 Have a good day!

  6. I had to laugh at your line “Math is not something worse than giving birth…” – okay, so THAT’S why I don’t like math. It sounds painful! Hope you are keeping well my friend xx

  7. Jingle:
    I am scared to death of math…frightened is not the word. The woman who tried to teach me math, on her own time…sometimes would just pet my head and sigh in total surrender…

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