Pink Grace With Faith…

Pink Saturday!

Lots of Laughter (Flip)

Haiku Heights (Faith)


I love both faith and grace,

They take me many a place

And make my day a true bliss.

^ – ^

In a dancing way,

They fill me with pride

and keep me stay inside.

^ -^

I enjoy spending time home

reading many an online poem,

Faith is the catalyst of grace.

^ -^

I’s content not to be loud,

Gracing indoors makes me feel proud,

Pink grace with faith, no flip flop, no doubt!

This blog Jingle started on November 28, 2009, last Sunday was the one year blogging anniversary and I was late in celebrating it…Happy Belated Blogging to Jingle…

Everyone is welcome to join in for a piece of cake!

Happy Sunday 2 You All!

Poetry Potluck (Week 13, Dreams, Visions, And Reveries) is open tonight at 8pm, every poet is invited and hope to see you all!

Happy Potluck Poetry! U Rock! xxx

38 thoughts on “Pink Grace With Faith…

  1. Pink grace with faith, no flip flop, no doubt! Pink suits you Ji, and grace too. Happy anniversary, the cake is most delicious!

  2. Beat of wishes to you and on the anniversary of your blog though a little belated!! Nice combination of the prompts, very well used ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. divine…. everyday is a birthday….. always eternal….. be that way…

    a very fine blog…. delightful quality social conversation site…..

    bless you and love all…

  4. Belated wishes to Jingle!! No flip-flop here ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a heart felt wish…

    Thank you for flipping with us at LOL this week. Do join us again this Saturday!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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