ABC Wednesday-T Is 4 Time(s)

T is 4 Time.

The following  are the samples how the word  TIME is applied in life:

#1: Time is up, you have to stop.

#2: Poetry potluck starts at scheduled times.

#3: Your time is here.

#4: Happy times, sad times.

#5: In time of crisis, people act more united.

#6: I have read this book many times.

#7: 4 times 4 is sixteen.

#8: New York Times is cool.

#9: The umpire called time.

#10: The airplane is timed to fly at 3pm.

ABC Wednesday

24 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday-T Is 4 Time(s)

  1. Thanks, Jingle for giving us time. I’m not traveling through time and this time is as good as anytime to write before I’m timed out because I forget when there are TIMES.

    Take the time to do things carefully.
    Idle time is wasted and can lead to trouble.
    Make time for family and friends.
    Endless time goes on forever.
    Sometime is whenever.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my blog with your readers! I’ll definatly have to check out some of these here in the near future. These next few weeks are busy and I’m having a hard time trying to keep up with getting my poems posted on the day they were written. Luckily I have school periods to do that.

    Well happy holidays!

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