Without Laughter, Life Is A… (4 Potluck Week 12)

Without leaves,

Trees stand bare;

Without beliefs,

Minds don’t care.

Without gasoline,

Cars go nowhere;

Without discipline,

Chaos is everywhere.

Without water,

The earth will be dry;

Without air,

Living beings will die.

Without the sun,

No growth will be done;

Without the moon,

Stars will twinkle with a dull tune.

Without laughter,

Life is a disaster;

Without craziness,

Life becomes meaningless.

Everything exists 4 a good reason,

Accept life’s every single season.


Poets United

Lots of Laughter (Crazy)

Poetry Potluck (Nature, Plants, Creatures, & the Cosmos)

Hello, how are you? if you are a poet, I sincerely invite you to join our Monday Poetry Potluck tonight, old poems, poems unrelated to our theme are all welcome! Happy Monday! Thanks You For the beautiful participation! xxx


57 thoughts on “Without Laughter, Life Is A… (4 Potluck Week 12)

  1. Beautiful!!!
    I love this statement,
    “Everything exists 4 a good reason,
    Accept life’s every single season.” nice one bro!

  2. Yes, everything around us has a little bit of craziness to it. Especially loved those crazy kittens asking for some mittens… 🙂

    And definitely,
    “Without craziness,
    Life becomes meaningless.”

    Thank you for joining us at LOL this week Jingle. Hope to see you with us next Saturday as well.
    Will keep the smile on my face throughout the week thanks to your lovely poem!! 🙂
    Have a crazy week too!!

  3. hello ji,, I wasn’t able to check blog this past 4 days I think… Too busy….. I love all the pic here and also the poem itself…keep it up ji!!!!

  4. The complexity of life is that we don’t realise the simplicity of just being in the moment! This poem brings that truth alive!

    um…the cats in the first picture hate us for taking there pictures!!! : )

  5. This was superb! Fun and energetic, but has so much truth to it… this could easily be a commercial for some innovative company! Thanks for the great read:)

  6. I am happy to find so countless ordinary intelligence at this dot inside the transmit, we order develop more methods middle this observe, thanks for sharing

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