A Thankful Poem 4 Mom

My mom is a Panda protecting her cubs,

My mom feels like a warm pillow,

My mom smells like love,

My mom is nice like an angel,

My mom’s chocolate chip cookies cheer me up on

a gloomy and windy day,

My mom looks like a rose.


Imperfect Prose

Poets United

Monday’s Child

Carry On Tuesday


PS:This poem is written by a 7 year old boy named Tom.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

😉 😉 😉

26 thoughts on “A Thankful Poem 4 Mom

  1. Tom, a 7-year-old? Gosh! The appreciation and maturity of thought astounds me! Shakespeare, Yeats and all, here he comes!

    P/S Obviously Mom nurtured the little acorn so well, that he’ll be a big oak faster and earlier than others his age. Well done, Mom ( sometimes we often forget Mom’s contribution)

  2. Tom did a nice job on describing his mom! Ha! My brother at age four told our neighbor that his mother was as tiny as a mouse. Our mother was beautiful, but what made him think of telling the neighbor she was as tiny as a mouse, I do not know. But the neighbor shared it with us and said that he said it with great pride and a big smile. She thought it was very sweet. Blessings to you…

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