Happy Thanksgiving (Awards/Treats 4 YOU)

Potluck Week 11 Theme: Magic, Wonders, Miracles And Wizadry

Great big thanks to Kavita/Amanda 4 the inspirations! U Rock, Girls!


To me, love is magic,

Without love, life is a tragic;

Thus, I give love,

Hope to rise above;

Wonders come from passions,

They are the fuel to all physical and chemical reactions.

Miracles are born from confidence and persistence,

They are the awards to your intelligence and prudence.

Wizardry is really a fantasy,

It is a creation of your dreams, I say.

Life could be magical,

If you keep loving, creating, and behaving logical…


This is my last entry for

Poetry Potluck

Week 11, I encourage everyone of you to submit a poem today (via the above link)  to show love and support to our budding community, Thanks in advance!

The Most Talented Poetess Award of 2011

The Most Romantic Poet Award of 2010

The most Professional Poet Award

Jingle offers THREE AWARDS above to poets who have attended Jingle Poetry Potluck Week 11 or will participate on week 11…We are still open, you have about 20 hours to submit your entry, old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome!

Come on in, your poetry makes me smile! xxx

The Elegant Butterfly Award

The Most Thoughtful Blogger Award of 2010

A roasted Turkey 4 u  🙂 😉

Grab a plate, enjoy the treat!

Dear friends, Jingle appreciates all of YOU, who are either general bloggers or poets who have been supporting and visiting her blogs, including those who simply READ this post…

Please enjoy the TWO AWARDS and TWO TREATS from above.

Smiles! Happy Happy Thanksgiving! xxx

32 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving (Awards/Treats 4 YOU)

  1. THanks again for the awards Jingle…will claim soon…:-) I will add them to my archive of awards in blog! You can check later!!!

    Have a nice day ahead!

  2. Sweet flow, Ji…You soaked yourself in the theme and emerged it….fantastic, and the rhymes rock as well…

    I really enjoyed this and miss reading from you..can’t wait to return to full blogging ways.


  3. Love these awards Ji.. Wonderful poem.. Enjoying this..

    Ji, due to no net connectivity, i couldn’t read Thursday Rally – Poems, Hoping to do by today. Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my “THREE KNOTS”.

    –Someone is Special–

  4. Thank you Jingle 🙂 Happy thanksgiving everyone particularly to jingle and the promising poet community. You all keep us on track, thank you for your energy, your time, your words of encouragement and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit my page. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

  5. Wow! Ji, I missed this earlier.

    What a lovely job you’ve done. Endearing poem and beautiful awards.

    Thanks for all. So very cheerful and such holiday fun.

    Blog on …

  6. Hi Jingle, hope all is well and you aren’t too stressed! Well I’m managing – just about – PotLuck is the only event/rally/meme/prompt I manage at the moment (time/energy/crazy life problems). Nice awards, thanks for your community-building

    Luke @ WordSalad x

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