Room 4 Romance-He Gave Me His Heart

He gave me his heart

As we played hide and seek in the park,


His words was sweet and true.

We would kill the day

Like a ship on a bay,

Romantic thoughts kept fly our way,

It was hard not to think and pray.

Then his Dad died in a war,

His Mom left to live aboard.

I see him no more,

Life suddenly becomes dull.

I feel the pain,

I see it happen,

I fight to have our relation maintain,

But it is not the same all of a sudden.

Love is fragile,

Love is uncertain,

He gave me his heart,

Yet we fell apart.


Room for Romance

Poetry Pantry at Poets United

19 thoughts on “Room 4 Romance-He Gave Me His Heart

  1. Well done Jingle, I have been their a few times myself on both sides of the story. Just letting you know I am still Alive, and still writing, slowly but surely, I post one a week every monday, and still am interested in continuing with the rally Though computer problems have set me back in more ways than one. I hope all is well with you and continues to do so. hope to hear from you soon, and its nice to see you have not lost your touch.

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