I Love Morning (4 Alphabe-Thursday & Z-A Word Challenge in I, L, & M)

I love sunrise,

The time when night removes her gown

and dresses with a gentle mantle of gold,

and slips away to date Mr. Brown.

It’s No surprise

That doors open to welcome grace,

with the treatment of fresh air,

The world revolves in significant grace.


It’s fun to see the day start smiling.

Everything looks great

Waiting for the night to come back from her date.

Leo (Leonnyes) Z to A in 26 days (L is 4 Love, M Is 4 Morning)

Alphabe-Thursday (I is 4 I)

34 thoughts on “I Love Morning (4 Alphabe-Thursday & Z-A Word Challenge in I, L, & M)

  1. Good Morning Ji..

    Beautiful images and thoughts.. Wonderful entry for challenge. Ji I know how tough it is for you to comment everyone and notify everyone about the awards. Instead you can fix Sunday for giving Weekly Awards for both Potluck and Rally, Perfect Poet on Saturday, Followers Awards on 1st Sunday of the month, for birthday and notification use marquee in the blog home page to notify ji.. I hope this will help you a lot Ji..

    Between, when you are free, do visit my THREE KNOTS and let me know how it is progressing Ji.. A comment from you makes me grow a lot.

    –Someone is Special–

  2. The time when night remove her gown

    and dress with a gentle mantle of gold,

    This line is wonderful and the whole metaphor of meeting her man made me smile. Good morning back at you.

  3. Reminds me of a song called “She Loves Sunset” by a group called The Old 97’s. Very musical and whimsical poem. You always have a such a positive vibe in your writing I find very admirable. Hope all is well in your corner of the world!


  4. Nice to see you’re still keeping on.
    Sorry i pulled out of the rally.
    It had a good run, but things changed, i simply cant maintain everything anymore.
    I still write poems but i’m compiling them offline.

  5. What a clever little word play poem!

    I really enjoyed this.

    I love Carol Ann’s comment…and I’m going to second what she said because it is so cute!

    Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday.


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