Moods Are Like Dark Woods (4 Potluck Week 10)

Poetry Potluck Week 10 Theme: Moods, Feelings, and Emotions



are like dark woods,

They fancy you

and frighten you.

Your feelings get hurt

when something unpleasant is said.


are like vast oceans,

You survive

only if you know how to surf and dive.

Moods, feelings, and emotions

are born from tensions.

Take charge of your mental drive,

Smile, feel happy, give me a high five!


Hello, everyone, it has been another FANTASTIC poetry week at our potluck, great big thanks to Amanda and Kavita for the inspirations of the theme. I have enjoyed reading your entries and feel amazed about the TALENTS there you share with us.

I have prepared the following REFRESHMENTS, one award, two treats, these are given to Jingle Poetry Potluck Week 10 Participants Only! Enjoy!

The Most Charming Poet Award 4 Week 10 participants

Flowers 4 you! 😉

Happy Potluck Week 10, Greetings from Jingle & All Officials

Our potluck week 10 is still open, you have 16 hours to submit your poetry to share. I am inviting you to join us now.

First Time participants are encouraged to link in random poems to share, old poems are welcome. Hope to see you in.

Happy Tuesday!

You Rock!

29 thoughts on “Moods Are Like Dark Woods (4 Potluck Week 10)

  1. It’s strange to celebrate moods and emotions for me, or to admit having any. I grew up very much “Old New World” where a man was not expected to be human (that is a woman’s onus) but be the door jamb that kept his family and community safe because it’s his duty. Yet I suspect what drives my need to create through paint, drawing, words and music is this suppression of what others take for granted that they are entitled to display. It has been nice to take a dip in the oceans of others this week…

  2. I like your poem on moods and emotions. The last two lines are precious: Take charge of your mental drive; smile, feel happy, give me a high five! Here’s a high five for you, Jingle… Blessings also…

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