Alphabe-Thursday-H Is 4 Hello

Hello, green earth,

Keep providing and loving,

Hello, dancing winds,

Keep those leaves singing and laughing,

Hello, chirping birds,

Keep your elegance alive by flying,

Hello, twinkling stars,

Keep your curiosity shining and inspiring,

Hello, creative souls,

Keep your mind blowing and glowing,

Hello, everything in the universe,

Stay active

and positive..

Happy Living!


H Is 4 Hello

33 thoughts on “Alphabe-Thursday-H Is 4 Hello

  1. Heaven’s doors were open,
    Halos were neatly stacked,
    Hallelujahs were waiting,
    Halfway up Harold asked,
    “How soon until we get there?””
    St. Peter hemmed and hawed,
    “How about soon?’
    Harold asked, “Do I have to practice
    my hellos? Aren’t you tired of being happy?
    Have you tried going someplace else?”
    Harold was just being Harold,
    He was curious, just like he was created,
    The first angel greeted,
    “Hello, Harold,”
    and shook his hand,
    He was too busy after that,
    just being Harold.

  2. Wow! Jingle this is one of my favorite poems you ever shared with us. I love this line:

    Keep your elegance alive by flying,

    I am enchanting with the visions you put into my head.

    Thank you for linking to Alphabe-Thursday.

    This poem touched my heart.


  3. Hi Jingle! I’m back. Wish to join the Thrusday Poet Rally this coming thrusday… I’ve been gone for months, I know. And I missed it, reading your poems…

    This one is brilliantly done, by the way!
    Have a nice day Ji! 🙂

  4. Uplifting as always Jingle!! Really needed this creativity dose 😉 thank you..
    Hope you’ve been doing good…Sorry for not keeping in touch for so long. I was a bit busy…hope to post regularly from next week..
    lots of love sweetie..muah!!! xoxo

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