Still Is A Feel That Is Real (Z-A Word Challenge in S, Potluck Poetry)

Not as hard as steel,

Not as bad as steal,

Still is a feel

Which is real.


When everything else is still,

One feels chill,

Your mind starts to do wonders,

Wild noises would knock inside you against your will.


As if the world turns silent,

Nothing but your heartbeats heard,

As if the minutest cell runs violent,

Everything else feels dead but your head.


When everything else is still,

Your hearts runs up the hill.

It’s hard to tell exactly how you feel,

You creative onion simply starts to peel.


Z-A challenge (S Is 4 Still)

ABC Wednesday (S is 4 Still)

Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry


45 thoughts on “Still Is A Feel That Is Real (Z-A Word Challenge in S, Potluck Poetry)

  1. Pretty cool Jingle! I love the picture in this… the room is really neat. But I guess the real draw for me was the many twist of the word Still (I think that it’s because my last name is Steele 🙂 ). But nothing says peace like Still… Peace be with you.

  2. Still nothing to hold me back,
    Waiting still to hit the sack,
    My muse waits for me till,
    Though I’m procrastinating still,
    In the still of the night,
    When fancy takes flight,
    I leap up and take my quill,
    To pen something wonderful, but still,
    Not so good as others will,
    So for now I’ll still abstain,
    And let others have the fame.

  3. Love the creativity of the pealing onion.

    You are certainly rising splendedly to Leo’s challenge. Hope you are having fun with. I’m sure you are, and Leo must be delighted.

    That’s a rather interesting room in that photo isn’t it. Temps one to do a poem on a green room. 🙂

  4. So nice to read this, thanks for sharing! I loved the photo, gives you a glimpse of brilliance and completes the words in a lovely way!

  5. Jingle,
    I like the idea of peeling back layers to get to our creativity.
    Nice one.
    btw: thanks for inviting me to potluck after having missed the last two Mondays.

  6. Wow, how would you like to keep that floor clean? Nice play on words in the poem Jingle. Thanks for hosting potluck and for your kind comments about my poems. You are so encouraging. Victoria

  7. BRILLIANT!!! I think this poem is among your finest pieces, Jingle!!! It’s just plain fabulous! And the last stanza was crazy good!! And very very very true.. I can totally relate to it!! I am sure many of us can actually.. 🙂

  8. Wow Jingle…big deal ….
    of emotions here…how could I feel?
    I am amazed of your poem’s appeal…:-)
    Lots of feelings revealed…
    But all said were real… 🙂

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