ABC Wednesday/Z-A Word Challenge in Q

Quilts associate with crafting art,

It’s hard to tell them apart.

Some quilts are fancy,

Some are ordinary,

Some are made of silk,

Smooth like milk;

Some are made of cotton

with many an elegant pattern;

While others are made of fiber,

Which shines a little bit brighter.


Z-A challenge (Q is 4 quilts)

ABC Wednesday (Q is 4 Quilts)

19 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday/Z-A Word Challenge in Q

  1. Just love quilts….have several homemade ones, and have made quilts for my 9 grandchildren and 2 great grandsons.

    You can never have too many quilts!!

  2. I absolutely love quilts…perhaps because they remind me of my childhood…but they are unique in their character and design…I’ve been to a couple of quilt shows and I must admit that I have rarely seen such beautiful art elsewhere…a sweet poem for the ‘q’.

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  4. I often think about trying to make a quilt. Love the texture and colors of the fabrics…but time is the enemy here, so I guess I’ll stick to word-quilting! Enjoyed your Q post.

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