ABC Wednesday/Z-A Word Challenge in Q

Quilts associate with crafting art,

It’s hard to tell them apart.

Some quilts are fancy,

Some are ordinary,

Some are made of silk,

Smooth like milk;

Some are made of cotton

with many an elegant pattern;

While others are made of fiber,

Which shines a little bit brighter.


Z-A challenge (Q is 4 quilts)

ABC Wednesday (Q is 4 Quilts)

Still Is A Feel That Is Real (Z-A Word Challenge in S, Potluck Poetry)

Not as hard as steel,

Not as bad as steal,

Still is a feel

Which is real.


When everything else is still,

One feels chill,

Your mind starts to do wonders,

Wild noises would knock inside you against your will.


As if the world turns silent,

Nothing but your heartbeats heard,

As if the minutest cell runs violent,

Everything else feels dead but your head.


When everything else is still,

Your hearts runs up the hill.

It’s hard to tell exactly how you feel,

You creative onion simply starts to peel.


Z-A challenge (S Is 4 Still)

ABC Wednesday (S is 4 Still)

Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry