T-storms Butterfly The Nature (4 Monday Poetry Potluck & Z-A Word Challenge)

T-storms butterfly the nature,

make rainbows in the sky,

Evoking magic in many a creature,

and imagination flickers like a butterfly.

Trees stand elegantly, smiling,

Geese stare at the sun, thinking

they are cleaner.

Cars make splashes, saying,

Look, the grass is greener.

Moon with romantic eyes, recalling

the past of the world, the dancing

feet, the disc music, evening

secrets, the whispers in woods, breathe taking!

T-storms butterfly the nature,

Nature is invincible,

Hope is unkillable!

Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry

Every poet in the community is encouraged to submit a poem to Jingle Poetry Monday Potluck …We are open from Sunday, 8pm to Wednesday, 8am!

Happy Reading! Happy Writing!xxx

This poem is also submitted 2

Z-A challenge (T is 4 T-storm)

46 thoughts on “T-storms Butterfly The Nature (4 Monday Poetry Potluck & Z-A Word Challenge)

  1. Wowsers! (sorry, just finished watching Scooby Doo). Fantastic art to match wonderous words that made me think. I love the butterfly image that comes to mind with it.

  2. What a curious line “Geese stare at the sun, thinking they are cleaner.” I’m going to have to think about that one for a while. hmmmmmm 😉

  3. nurturing evocations rather than planting statements
    will lend so much more to the beauty you share

    thankyou Jingle for the thursdayrally award. very kind.
    am done with the 18 round..

  4. I am up for anything that is related to butterflies, you rock Jingle! You never failed to amaze me with butterflies haha, I know I am a little obsessed with them but well =P XDXD Great poem that comes with the nature, happy poetry potluck!=D

    1. please try to link your submission in yourself,

      click on potluck on this post,
      let me know if you failed linking on to potluck yourself…

      good luck.

  5. First of all love the photos.I love butterflies.And I love your work.I have a special devotion to this kind of poetry.

    Simply Magical!!Thanks for welcoming me to ,jingle.Am nervous about it.But hope to have a grand time here.

  6. hello Jingle , i read your blog , that a nice blog and useful. Best for everyone. bulk and Monday Poetry Potluck content. i will plan to read and comment your website.

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