Monday’s Child-The Smell of Life

The smell of life

floats somewhere,

As if stars

were dragon’s breath

and they were breathed on earth.

Daddy bunny is home doing research on life and birth.

Three of his lovely kids joined him to guess.

They behave like a thinking tank,

digging deep about life’s many a prank.

They recall

times when they throw the ball

until it’s too dark to see it at all,

And the smell of life starts to fall

As if a dragon breathed

on them, prime time.

Fun is earthed,

Blinking their eyes,

Four silly bunnies sniff their noses

and they have the best appetites

for life, because life could smell like roses.


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Many thanks to Jamie Dedes and Heartspell, who nominated Jingle for the perfect poet award week 32.

Jingle humbly accept the award here, Jingle wishes to nominate



Lu Ann

Sumit Sarkar

for  Week 33 the perfect poet award.

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