Word Challenge in W Plus Magic

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W Is 4 Wishes

Turn W upside down, You get M, which stands 4 Magic

I wish a dream joyful and true,

I wish a day sunny and anew.

I wish a poem being deliciously done,

I wish a relation healthy and fun.

I wish a car comfortable and cool,

I wish a home loving and due.

To wish is meant to cherish,

Not to diminish.

To wish an error forgiven,

To wish a deed undone,

Take caution,

Make a wise decision,

4 the universe is ONE.

Magic is divine,

But only love, forgiveness, and imagination lead to it, sign!


Z-A challenge (W is 4 Wishes)

Poets United (Magic)

ABC Wednesday (W is 4 wishes)

33 thoughts on “Word Challenge in W Plus Magic

  1. When a wish comes true, and it happens to you, it is merely a coincidence.
    If it happens to someone else it is luck. May your coincidences happen as you’ve dreamed.

  2. helo Jingle , i look your blog , this a nice blog and greatly. Great for everyone. best review for and wishes content. i going to plan to read and review your website.

  3. As always you write something “bright” and “happy” I love to read your work.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog! I know you are soooo busy. I appreciate it

    Wishing you, a good writing day!


  4. just fantastic. very beautiful and wise poem jingle. beautifully said.

    Happy deepawali! May light, happiness and wealth shower down on your world and stay.

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