Word Challenges In G & X

G is 4 GRACE: The following examples show how we apply the word in life:

As a noun: #1: The gymnast performs in the balance beam with an easy grace.

#2: Show appreciations when you’re in someone’s good grace.

#3: Poets Rally participants have a week’s grace to make a minimum 18 comments to fellow poets.

#4: Religious folks say their graces before dining.

As a verb: #5: Your participation graces my Rally.

#6: Your encouraging comments grace my blog a great deal.


Ding dong,

Ding dong,

A little girl plays her xylophone;

Her eyes are dark,

Her cheeks are red,

Making music makes her feel well fed.

^ ^

Alphabe-Thursday ( G is 4 Grace…)

Z-A challenge (X is 4 Xylophone)

33 thoughts on “Word Challenges In G & X

  1. Awesome poetry as always, Jingle! Just looking at the word ‘grace’ and its various uses in English makes one appreciate how difficult it would be to learn a foreign language.

  2. I have a cat named Grace. Another noun! She was a stray that showed up the night before Thanksgiving 16 years ago. Since Grace always comes before Thanksgiving dinner we named her Grace.

  3. fantastic post jingle, the versatility of your posts are very refreshing and fun to read.
    you are a very talented person with heart of gold.

    lots of love.

  4. Wonderful way to meet the demands of both memes and leave a fine message as well. Nice job, Ji!

    I’ll be setting up my poem and sign-in with you for Rally this p.m. or early tomorrow. Count me in! Hooray for you and all.

  5. Jingle. What a double treat this link is. I like the way you looked at all aspects of grace.

    Such a charming visit for Alphabe-Thursday.

    You have such a unique outlook. I really enjoy visiting you.


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