Word Challenges In G & X

G is 4 GRACE: The following examples show how we apply the word in life:

As a noun: #1: The gymnast performs in the balance beam with an easy grace.

#2: Show appreciations when you’re in someone’s good grace.

#3: Poets Rally participants have a week’s grace to make a minimum 18 comments to fellow poets.

#4: Religious folks say their graces before dining.

As a verb: #5: Your participation graces my Rally.

#6: Your encouraging comments grace my blog a great deal.


Ding dong,

Ding dong,

A little girl plays her xylophone;

Her eyes are dark,

Her cheeks are red,

Making music makes her feel well fed.

^ ^

Alphabe-Thursday ( G is 4 Grace…)

Z-A challenge (X is 4 Xylophone)