Happy Birthday, Eric, Dom*…

If you are happy and you know it,

Leave a comment,

If you are happy and you feel it,

pass it to friends below.

Happy (Belated) Birthday to All of you,

May all your dreams come true!

Eric (November 3)

83October (November 2)

Soulbro* (November 1)

Dakshima at


(November 15)

A Happy Belated Birthday, Dom*!

Happy Belated Birthdays, October83 and his father!

Happy Happy Birthday, Eric!

Happy Birthday In next two weeks, Dakshima!

Happy birthday to all November Babies!

Please give birthday wishes to the above community friends.

Thanks a lot, Happy Wednesday! xxx

111 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Eric, Dom*…

  1. Many happy returns of the day!
    May God bless you 3 with every thing beautiful and adorable.
    Happy birthday!

    thanks jingle for sharing their birthdays and giving us the chance to wish them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thanks Golden Lotus of God’s Love for your best wishes on my birthday…my present was I climbed MT.GREYLOCK yesterday with over a height 3491 feet above sea level..took 2 hours to climb up it as it took 2 hours back…looking for mountain number 7….enjoy always(+)
      soulbro* :)xo—{–@

  2. A Wish From a Poet to a Poet

    I don’t know all of you by heart
    But wishes I can always give
    I hope that on all your special days
    You’ll have had a day to relive

    Happy Birthday from me to you
    And know that as you grow older
    Your bones may tire and weaken
    But your resolve will grow bolder

    A final appreciation
    For all the poetry you impart
    May, today, your wishes come true
    And for’er be your work of art

    ~Panda Wolf

    1. thanks Panda Wolf for your best wishes for me on my birthday and poem as well…very nice as I know my dreams will definitely come True…Love… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. above all thanks my Dearest Jingle for your best wishes towards me and my birthday and all that have supported me as well in these wishes…as I have turned 56 and have conquered 6 mountain ranges in the past 5 1/2 weeks and seeking number 7 soon..as where I live in Upstate N.Y. has many mountain ranges to climb…this is why I did respond so quickly to you Jingle as yesterday I climbed the grand daddy of them all in our area as this was MT. GREYLOCK in Massachusetts with a height of 3491 feet above sea level as it took 2 hours to get to the Summit and 2 hours to get down form it as well..enduring cold, ice and snow on it with just a sweatshirt, hiking boots and jeans and a tree branch for a walking stick…thanks…enjoy as well and Happy Wednesday to ya(+)
    soulbro* ๐Ÿ™‚ xo—{–@

  4. happy birthday everyone!!!! Jingle you are awesome in all the works that you do in the blogger world!!! Have a wonderful day blogging

  5. Happy Birthday!
    The world was blessed with your birth,
    Now it’s time for celebration and mirth,
    A time for reflecting on things you’ve done,
    Your mark is made, happy birthday everyone!

  6. Happy Birthday to all of them. Sad I can’t be going around for the visits and stuffs cos my school work is approaching the peak and I have to clear the table to avoid a pile. I am tryna be fast and efficient after which I will return to full blogging ways (I miss it though). Thanks for always checking up on me, it means a lot to me.

    I wrote a poem for the Thursday Poets’ Rally, here is my link http://lordemmanuel.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/poetry-is/….pingback when the event starts.


  7. Happy Birthdays to those I don’t know
    Perhaps one day I will so
    I’ll say what I will and go
    On to my life-stream flow

    Happy Birthday to you fellow writers and dreamers!

  8. Wow, Ji! You sure know how to throw a virtual party. Wonderful.

    So many brithdays this month. Happy, Happy Birthday to all and many more and many blessings.


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