It Is Just A Bad Dream

I have sore shoulders,

I have itchy toes,

I have high fever,

I have running nose.

I need immediate medical care,

Shall I call 911? I suppose.

But which treatment shall I get,

My goodness, it is hard to choose.

My eyes are wet,

My hair is loose,

My phone is dead,

My credit cards confuse.

My life ends up in despair,

Shall I call 911? I suppose.

How can I survive and feel fair?

Only the divine knows.

In a frightful mood,

I run wild in the neighborhood,

I yell,

I tell…

It is just a bad dream,

I wake up and enjoy my blissful life all the same.

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36 thoughts on “It Is Just A Bad Dream

  1. Dreams, dreams, dreams. Your poem describes the madness of a dream and how uplifting it is to wake up and know it isn’t real. You describe it in your unique way. I enjoy it very much. Blessings…

  2. I’ve had real days like the one you described. However, things can always take a turn for the better. Dream on and have a great day.

    1. Wow! Ji, I’m sorry. I just reread this. It’s not all joy, though you turn it around at the end. Sorry. Maybe I clicked on the comments for the wrong poem. Anyway, your positive spin at the end sure is characteristically you. And I do hope it all is just a dream. If so, you’re probably tired from so much blogging. Hang tough. 🙂

  3. Dear Jingle, Thank you for joining me in my prayers at my blog for the well-being of my friend Corinne. Much appreciated. The circle of kindness and compassion shall continue. ~Punam

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