What I Write Is What I Like

I like girls smart and small,
I like boys brave and tall.
I like babies who don’t squall,
I like kittens that curl up like a ball.
I like to walk in a shopping mall,
I like to listen to music in a concert hall.
I like to be as innocent as a doll,
I like to celebrate the season of Fall.
Summer is fine with solid green,
The sweetest season is spring,
Fall is perfect, I mean,
Winter is O. K. with silver sheen.
What I write
Is what I like,
What I like
Is what I write.

34 thoughts on “What I Write Is What I Like

  1. Awwww.. Cut pic and cute poem. I really enjoyed it!

    I am going to make a list of things I like… I hope it is longer than the list of don’t likes..lol


  2. First, write for yourself. If others like what you write you’ll keep writing. Jingle, I’m glad you like to write because I like to read what you write.

  3. divine…..wisdom as poem and poem as wisdom….

    writing is a prayer and it need to have your own signature…

    and your signatures are worth collecting……posting on twitter also…

    love alll…

  4. Jingle, I agree, as a writer, you have to write about what you like.

    If there is a poetry jam this week I would like to be in it. Sorry, I have been busy with school and a little burnt out. I am taking a little mental break today!

    1. no Rally this week,

      but you can participate Monday Poetry Potluck at Jingle poetry, write a poem fitting Halloween theme..post it, let me know, link in on Sunday after 8pm.

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