ABC Wednesday-O Is 4 Oranges…

Arugula Salad with Oranges and Avo

Field Greens With Oranges

Fresh Oranges

Moro Blood Oranges

Orange And Almond Cake

Tartine Confiture Orange

Salmon Oranges Olivies

Roasted Sweet Potato With Oranges

Pork Braised with Oranges

Oranges with Cinnamon

Oranges and Creamy Cookies

Orange Meat

Orange Salad

Orange Delight

Funny Oranges

Orange In The Sun

Orange Faces

ABC Wednesday O Is 4 Oranges, Enjoy!


Grace your curious mind

with something optimistic and kind,

Open up to options and opportunities at hand.

Haiku Height: Optimistic

One Single Impression: Grace

Sunday Scribblings, #238 – Curious

Happy Tuesday,

Enjoy my orange and poetry treats today! xxx

35 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday-O Is 4 Oranges…

  1. Orange in the sun, got my heart :)! I’m dreaming of summer so I guess that’s why! The orange and almond cake doesn’t sound bad! Nice post Ji, greetings from Greece!

  2. Loved it all–the fun and gorgeous pictures and the wonderful poetry. “Open up to options and opportunities at hand.” — Ji, this was just the message that I needed right now; thank you for the countless ways that you uplift!

  3. Ji,
    Your blog is so full of “wow” that I have to digest it in small pieces… This post is a great way to do that, lol. Thank you for such delicious images and for all you create here.

  4. ohhh, the nicest of wednesdays orange… orange blossoms have the most beautiful scent… everything looks so tasty… a nice surprise of smiles waiting, like that **smilin**….. i can remember when so calif, in the good ol us of a use to be nothing but fields and fields of oranges… now, all gone, replaced by freeways, houses and more people…. born again

  5. Wow! It is so encouraging to read posts like yours – truly inspirational and so creative – a real ABC follower!
    Thanks so much for contributing such a well thought out post. I really appreciate the hard work and thinking behind it.

    ABC Team

  6. Lovely! and now I need to run to Whole Foods and get some oranges. Thank goodness it’s just across the street. You’ve created an emergency, Ji. Orange withdrawal …

    I like the Haiku as well. Nice! Amazing how many memes you participate in.

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