My Will Is Strong (4 Monday Poetry Potluck)

It’s time to go,

My instincts tell me so,

I will be out of town,

I won’t be able to answer your phone.

^ ^

When love comes to an end,

Time to bid farewell, my friend.

My will is strong,

I must be left alone!

^ ^

Stop the unrealistic expectation,

Nobody will believe your exaggeration.

Please don’t ask why,

It’s time to say GOODBYE!


Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry

Blue Monday at Smiling Sally

PS: This is 100% fiction, I realize that when people read my work, they take it personally at times, if I wrote about sweet hot love, they relate it to me personally, question me, if I write about broken heart, they again have concern on me…I am happily married and enjoy life as it is, i write about all kinds of emotions and experiences, this poem has NOTHING to do with my individual life. Thanks a ton.

Everyone is encouraged to write a poem about love or romance, link to Jingle poetry…xxx

59 thoughts on “My Will Is Strong (4 Monday Poetry Potluck)

  1. Poetry is a soulful expression. It is not necessary to add a disclamer but to each his or her own. I liked the expression.

  2. Ha ha Jingle, that is true that we are not able to separate fact from fiction, because your words feel so real, like this strong goodbye! Love it!

  3. The sadness of your words do pull well on the reader… I can see why others would assume anything you write must be first hand experience. I too get this at times.

  4. Great poem, Ji! And I completely understand the need to clarify. Good for you.

    Jazzy shoes. I just love them … and covet them! 🙂 They’re rather like Amanda’s red shoes. Will you go dancing in them?

  5. Heh, far too amusing that people think that these offerings mean you are having issues. This IS a heartfelt piece that might concern people but in the end, that is why it is so great to write, to make people feel something. Thanks for sharing, Jingle!

  6. I enjoyed the harsh reality to the sadness in this piece…more or less like “thanks but no thanks”…nice one, Ji.

    P.s as promised, my friend is in for Potluck with the user name “Michael Ogungbesan”
    told him the requirements already….looking forward to his acceptance into the community…thanks for your all round support.


  7. Thanks for the disclaimer.. LOLsss actually, you should always stick a note there.. I have observed most of us do non- fiction so it would be nice to mention the exception..
    Very touchy poem Ji.. errrr.. could I please borrow those blue one? They are like any jewels!!
    Loads of Love xxx

  8. i think i also do that, i spend a few seconds thinking if you are sad or happy. the only diff is i dont ask the question, unless its really sad.

    lots of love.

  9. Enjoyed this one, Jingle. I won’t ask why…. hehe

    BTW did you do Poet of Sept already? I think Jamie Dedes Nominated me?

    Enjoy visiting yr site as always

    Warmest Salad

    Luke x

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  11. with the changing seasons in our lives come the changing patterns in our relationships as well. there’s always a good reason why some people who are with us now don’t make it to our future. we just have to learn to let go. this was a thought-provoking piece, jingle. the annotation below your poem made a lot of us heave a sigh of relief. 🙂

  12. I realize that a person’s work may not be relevant to their current situation, but that doesn’t make it any less true – often they’re more factual than fictional, just in a historical sense. (I think we all purge old demons this way) Nice piece, Jingle.

  13. Great poem! It’s nice to know people care…I find that because I write mostly nonfiction that when I write fiction people assume it’s true, too.

  14. Strong and soulful. And don’t worry… I know, if people believed 100% of what I wrote, I’d be a pretty hard girl to pin down.

    Are the shoes your own, though? Ha ha. Loved it, Jingle! Amy BL

  15. No doubt, saying goodbye is a hard step to take..but then the alternative, staying with pain??…You did this so well. Fiction or’s true!!

  16. In the prime of my years of feeling the most heartbreak I would have loved this poem…plastered it on my apt walls…carry it in my back pocket…everywhere to remind myself that I, too, can be that strong!

    College years…I needed this poem to reflect strength in the face of heart ache…Awesome poem lady!

  17. Departure meets the end of many a romance. Nicely done. Every poem should channel something, and is more rarely concrete and personal. I don’t think you should have to clarify that to the reader. Better to leave them guessing!

    Thanks for inviting me here, Jingle!

  18. My first poem was about me, the second one no! But it would be kind of funny if people thought I stole a boyfriend’s car!
    I didn’t think your poem was your current situation, but I can definitely see why someone would as it conveys a lot of emotion. It was great!

  19. Hi jingle!!!First time to check your own blog.. Thanks for always visiting my blog..I always visit potluck…It’s good have something to share on….keep it up..
    For your poem, I love sad poem,…I know it’s not what u feel…just love it…

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