Blame My Vocabulary

Many times I wonder in my head

Why I do what I do,

Do people care about what I’ve said?

The choice of words I pull

Out of my word bank has occurred

To ring true,

How do they impact you,

I have No clue!

In case my use of words seem chary,

Blame my vocabulary.


Poetry Pantry at Poets United

35 thoughts on “Blame My Vocabulary

  1. divine…..write for own silence and beauty and for creative enlightenment…..if other appreciate….thank them….if no one appreciate……think silence is missing…….be creative every breath…and one morning ..ordinary to extraordinary….words have no meaning and meaning has no vocabulary….and your blog….is quite meaningful…..divine and dear jingle…
    love all…

  2. Nice one, Jingle…of course we cant say more than what we have in our vocab…nice one!

    Have a lovely sunday eve and a great week ahead.


    P.s thanks for the award, appreciated.

  3. We worry about words when love is so simple to show, and you do show it. This is lovely. Especially working in the word “chary!”

  4. We never know what difference the words we put out into the Universe (or blogosphere) will make in another’s life. Words are sacred and the intent behind them even more so. Good job.

  5. Will be checking out the theme and trying to see what can come off it…I will be coming over with a friend…who I hope to make a new member of the community. See you when the link is up.


  6. thanks for the responses,
    it is just a fiction, trying to have fun…
    I appreciate your concern and encouragement upon reading it.
    you all rock!

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