On The Immense Ocean Where…

On the immense ocean

Where waves shimmer under moonlight,

A beast is having a celebration:

He is a groom with pride.

He was born ugly,

He falls in love with a maiden fish looking lovely.

Subjective barriers do have effects at first,

She tamed him while he wooed her with a dove;

She is all smiles to see him at his best,

He is the champion of true love.

The ugly is beautiful,

Their love is blissful.

The wedding is successful,

The crowd is wonderful.

What a harvest of passion in the sea,

This legend is encouraging enough for the world to see.

On the immense ocean

Where waves shimmer under moonlight,

A beast is having a celebration,

He is a groom with pride…

^ ^

Poets United (The ugly is beautiful)

Sunday Scribbling (harvest)

Three Word Wednesday (effect, immense, shimmer)

One Single Impression (champion)

31 thoughts on “On The Immense Ocean Where…

  1. Beautiful tale Jingle!
    a thought about ugly (that you made me think of with this poem)… :

    when I was a kid I used to draw but I had a problem with ugly lines. I wanted the people I drew to look great but taking away the ugly lines just made them not look like real people. the point that I’m making is that the ugly lines make us who we are…If we erase them we are just lying to ourselves and everyone else as well (and people do see that).
    The true artist and people alike accept what they see as what makes that person unique and even beautiful. And the canvass or person that allows themselves to be drawn on by the wrong people or artists becomes less of a work of art and more like something very common and unremarkable.(this was written to a girl worried about her appearance)
    I think that your poem gives even the ugly lines brilliant life and happiness through love. keep on shining bright Jingle!

  2. Beast and ugly too are creations of God
    They are so because of XY chromosome
    Required by nature, to be beastly in stature
    Eyes of beholder make them strange creature
    But what is created by God, something unique
    Though look ugly, they too are living technique
    Ugly and beautiful are simple words by human
    God though, is marvelous in its every creation
    Fishes are lucky that they have beasts in world
    They have marriageable stuff, could be mould
    Soft and strength are needs of the both gender
    Beautiful and smart, are they tough and tender
    You write beautiful poem, no doubt about that
    Enjoyed it thoroughly, these thoughts were stat.

  3. Beauty is only skin deep. It’s your enter beauty that makes you beautiful. You have written a perfect story poem to tell the story of true beauty, Jingle. Hugs Vi

  4. Jingle I have to say this is to date my favorite thing you have written, I know it was for several memes but you did wonderfully and I liked not only the story its self but the form you used, it was so sweet your Beauty and the Beast!

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