33 thoughts on “E Is 4 Eggs…

  1. I love Eggs..
    I love Eggs..
    I love Eggs..
    ooops, haven’t I said that already.. 🙂 I look forward to eating “them” as if they were a delicacy.. For Me, actually they are!! I shop dozens at a time!!
    I take my own time to pick the bigger sizes from amongst all the eggs at a particular shop. That’s my routine fortnightly (or sometimes even longer) grocery shopping.. Ho crazy is that that they disappear from my fridge in no time!! I eat them then like a starving soul.. LOLssss
    I love Eggs..
    Love you too.. xox

  2. I love eggs! This post is making me hungry! But I need my sleepy tyme tea and my bed! Thanks for sharing. I liked this post exceptional well written! Anne

  3. Eggs are so versatile and low calorie. I could eat them every meal but, then, that wouldn’t be heart smart, would it? I certainly have my share, though, every way
    they can be prepared.

  4. Egg refers to a Caucasian, yellow from the inside white on the outside which is a reverse for Bananaz whose skin is yellow and fruit is white, a Chinaman who is English educated cannot read or write Chinese haha ~;)

  5. Lovely egg dishes… fire on the east side looks very interesting and delicious…have never seen this nor eggs norwegian with spinach… it looks good, too. Thanks for sharing, Jingle! 🙂

  6. Oh what a delicious stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    The eggs with spinach look delicious and the fire on the East side is intriguing.

    Thanks for making us all hungry with this link!

    I think it must be time to have some eggs!

    I enjoyed my stop here today.

    Thank you for linking.


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