Thursday Poets Rally Week 31 (October 21-27)

Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 31 (October 21-27)

Basic Instruction for Rally Week 31:

#1: If you are a previous participants, your poem for Poets Rally week 31 is posted, then comment and leave a link before proceeding…Jingle will go back to the old rule, one quality poem for each week, thanks. After you link in, comment for 18 poets NEW from my lists, including the perfect poet award winners, participants, or fresh poets to explore…

#2: If you are the FIRST TIME participants, (or OLD participants who want to stay fine tuned about the quality of your entry, please sign in via the link below:

Week 31 Participants Awards:

For this week’s participants Jingle will offer

The Most Prideful Poet Award,

The Most Inspiring Poet Award

To all participants who will attend Rally week 31 and have the willingness to share and encourage poetry.

Week 30 The Perfect Poet Award Winners:

Kavita  (Accepted)


Dasuntoucha (Accepted)

Celebrating a Year (accepted)

Gretchen (Accepted)

Ladynimue  (Accepted)

Deadpoet88  (Accepted)

Gabriela Abalo  (accepted)




83October (Accepted)

Uncle Tree

Kristen Haskell (Accepted)

Kiera (Accepted)

Reetam Majumder (Accepted)

Shigune Matsui (Accepted)

Kimberly’s Page (Accepted)

dhitzunako (Accepted)

CrbianFool (Accepted)

Someone Is Special (Accepted)

B (Accepted)

PinkLady (Accepted)


thoughtsnotlost (Accepted)

Deborah Horton (Accepted)

liv2write2day (Accepted)


Lu Ann (Accepted)

Jingle (Accepted)

Week 31 Participants list:

Many of you did outstanding job commenting,, Jingle will comment for all participants and visit all fresh poets during the week….I strongly encourage you to explore at least 10 fresh poets, then visit and comment for as many participants as possible…of course, 18 comments made is a minimum.  We truly hunger for FRESH talent, this week, my fresh poets to explore list is 99% FRESH, Enjoy!

Krishin:  (done, 😉 😉 ;))

The Reason You Come:   (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Kick Out The Jams:   (done, 😉 😉 :))

Modernity’s Muse:  (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Smurtis: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Turboblues: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

One sky, one destiny:   (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Suzi:  (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Ash Bee Zone: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Wysteria: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Funny girl Lola: (done, 😉 🙂 ;))

My Life Is A Notebook: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


The lost poet:

boababpaper:, 😉 😉 ;))

Keshav: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Psyche of a woman: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


the Juliebook: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

A poem a day:   (done, 😉 😉 ;))

The 10th muse: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Ms. Peaches:

I never thought it would happen: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Yeh u kno me: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

luisydomonique: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

stars shined down: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Tasithoughts:   (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Pink Lady: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

B: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

The journey called life: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Poems |My World: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Gray words: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Diamondanddogs: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Hikki Chan: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Like Wine:   (done, 😉 😉 :))

LeiffyV: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Lu Ann: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

2zpoint:   (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Word4afriend: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Hindawy: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Celebrating A Year: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Creation on Dreams:  (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Robin: (done, 😉 😉 ;))



Mystic Mountain: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Endless Journey:

Chris G: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Victoria: (done, 😉 😉 :))

Panda Wolf: (done, 😉 😉 🙂 )

Lynnaima: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Megzone: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Inside My Poem book: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Thoughts Not Lost: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Dr. Madan: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Shawn: (done, 😉 😉 :))

Jamie Dedes: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Alakaline: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

I Listened, momma: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Messages In bottles:

Ladynimue: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

just another girl:  (done, 😉 😉 ;))

A B Thomas:   (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Riika: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Welcome to reality:

Inspired Destiny:

The Ramblings of An Idiot:

Liz: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Uncle Tree: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Bodhirose: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Ibok: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Scent of my heart: (done, 😉 😉 :))

Lisa: (done, 😉 😉 😉)


Leo: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Jingle: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Gabriela : (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Olivia: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Kimberly: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Someone Is Special: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Week 31 Fresh Poets to Know or Explore:



Living by spoken dreams;

The Milkyminx:

Shawn Bird:

Down the hill:

Freespirits’ Circle:

The Humble Narcissist:


Things Written Down:

Funny girl Lola:

U keeping walking forward:

Psyche of a woman:

The Great Work:

Dallasgiraffe89’s poetry blog:

H. P.:

My inner edge:


Honesty Is Poetry:

Bee Illustrated:


A poet’s Walk:

Birds of Prey:

Blemished Thoughts:

Tick Tock Poem:

Cerulean Moon:


Breath noha:

C. Brannon Watts:

U Keep Walking Forward:


Hidden Verona:

Inspired Destiny:

I envision:

Pretty Tears:


Words4 afriend;

Inside A Witches Cabinet:

Dreams and fantasies:



The Unfound Door:



The Rambling of an idiot:

Many The Miles:

Looking Better:



Tomorrow fade:


Ode to my hair:



The Slowvelder:

All in the mind:



Spilling some:

Sending joy:


One Day One Poem:

In Between:

Quitting Today:


Arrow In The Fog:

Whispered Lineage:


Whinging Wino:


We are as Free as we allow ourselves to be: :


After a date:


Anapurna Girls:


The History of Legs:

Come to hell with me:

Messages in Bottles:

Journey Into America:

149 thoughts on “Thursday Poets Rally Week 31 (October 21-27)

    1. Ji Read 18.. Will read all the poems for sure.. will try the max..

      I liked these poets poems..

      Blaga-Scent of My heart

      –Someone Is Special–

            1. With pleasure..

              The journey called life (Wow I loved this poem specially)
              Poems |My World
              Creation on Dreams
              Mystic Mountain

              Ji, Thanks for connecting me to Rally.. I am enjoying all these poets.. Will be very happy to read more..

              Have a great day..

              With Love

              –Someone Is Special–

            2. Ji… What about the tag line?

              I will be happy to see a badge for Thursday Poets Rally..

              –Someone Is Special–

  1. HI Jingle,

    Thank you for the invitation to participate and for your comments. Very sweet.

    My entrance is a homage written this past September 11th to all victims of terrorism. Agnus Dei -Kaddish

    Am happy to support a community that encourages poetry.

    best wishes


  2. You will find me here by end of the day !!! and oh, i will accept the award too in this week’s rally post 🙂


  3. i will not be able to participate in this week’s rally and my end semester exams in coll are coming up!!

    i’m really sorry. will join in next time!!!!

    i can right???

  4. Killed 18 birdies.. counting still..
    I nominate the following:
    * Riika
    * Bodhirose
    * Blaga-Scent of My heart
    * Mimmomelimo
    * Kimberley
    * CaribbeanFool
    * Gabriela
    * Jingle
    All the Best everyone.. 😀 xx

  5. Slow days at work do have their benefits…I have already read through over 25 poems, so officially, Jingle..I am “done.”

    I can’t wait to continue to read new poems as they go up…happy Rally to all!

  6. i won’t miss this for the world… i’ll have my post up later. thanks for reminding me, jingle. unfortunately, i won’t be able to join you on the next rally as i will be on a 2 weeks break starting on october 30. i will be back on november 14 or 15. but for rally 31, i am in! i will leave word here as soon as i have posted. 🙂

        1. whew… i’ve done 20 and those are all great reads! wow jingle, you’ve got really great poets in here. i’ll visit more sites tomorrow. time to say “goodnight” to everyone now.

  7. Ack!! I thought I left a message! Oh I am new at this so please forgive the ignorance and how computer illiterate I am….

    I will post to blogs, once I wet my quill


  8. Hi Jingle– I’ve finished reading for the week. Lots of new folks to explore w/ interesting voices. As always, if anyone else would like me to read them, just stop by my page & comment.

  9. Thanks for the exposure, Jingle.

    I like the idea of an open online poetry community, especially one that encourages new talent. It’s always nice to have others interact with your work because poetry is an exchange of all that is real and imagined.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t time to participate in your current rally, but like the idea of checking out the artists working hard to develop their craft and a community bond, and will try to do that.

    With kind regards! //mm

  10. As far as I can tell, I’ve reached 18- lost count somewhere around 14 and the blog details won’t scroll low enough for me to double check. I’ll also accept the award nomination, but I’m not quite sure whether you want that posted on this week’s poem or on a subsequent one?

  11. I agree all the conditions of the above said agreement
    my answers are YES regarding on every questions.
    commented on 18 ppl. posts
    Now what ??? please tell me.

  12. Jingle, I’ve enjoyed this rally; visiting so many blogs, and receiving responses. I’m through, but might still keep visiting and commenting till next Thursday.


  13. I think I’ve come to the party late.

    However, thank you for looking in at my pieces. It has been a busy week for me, and now that I have some time, I can’t wait to look in at what the community has! This is a wonderful collective!

    1. it is not late at all,

      leave your poem entry here, comment for 18, done, the Rally runs through next Wednesday.
      welcome any time before deadline.

    2. it is not late at all,

      leave your poem entry here, comment for 18, done, the Rally runs through next Wednesday.
      welcome any time before deadline.

  14. Hey Jingle, am not keeping well off late so am left with reading 10 more poems yet .. will finish before 27th oct for sure.
    Hope you dont mind !

  15. I made my rounds and stopped by 20+ blogs…half of which are new to the rally and I must say there is some great reading to be found…now I’m off to the POTLUCK. (^_^)

  16. Another fabulous rally, Jingle–kudos! I’ve finished my required reading and moving on to some additional blogs when I get the chance. It doesn’t seem like you need nominations for this week; if you do, let me know.

  17. Alright, all done.. check out 25 of fresh poet but picked 18 in leaving comments (as in sharing my thoughts) on their poems.. I don’t know how to let you guys know that I do it so along the way, I did mention the number they are on my list.. Anyway, thanks for inviting me to join this.. It is indeed fun.. 🙂 🙂

  18. Hey Ji, sorry I never posted here again. I really lost track of how many people I commented on! I was just trying to go off your list and keep up with my blog so much I forgot to count! Sorry again!

  19. Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search.

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