Get Well Wishes 4 Riika and Leo

The Whole Wide world is yours,

The snow-covered mountains,

The sprinkling fountains,

The glittering sunlight,

The bluest sky,

The sweetest pie,

The singing birds,

The naughty cats,

The playful breeze,

The twinkling stars,

The burning mars,

The Milky Way,

The poetry library,

The buzzing bees,

The graceful willow trees,

The buried gems,

The pesky germs,

The delicious food,

The blissful mood,

The widest ocean,

The dearest friends…

Have a look,

Get yourself in our book!


This poem is dedicated to all Poets, YOU At Jingle Poetry,  who make enomous difference in our community.

The Images are selected and dedicated to Riika, who have been sick because of chicken pox for more than a week now, and leo, who is under weather recent days.

Precious Princesses of Jingle Poetry Who Serve You:





Jamie Dedes

Lovely Annie

Joanny (left to get her Ph. D)



True Princes of Jingle Poetry Who Serve You:

Leo (Leonnyes)


Someone Is Special

Visit any of our officials to read their fabulous poetry for a treat and get yourself introduced to them… have fun! Everyone is special, you are special, Smiles!

Love you all!  xxx

To link in a poem to our potluck today, click here:


Please visit Riika: at RiikaInfinityy


And leo at  Leo (Leonnyes)

To wish them good health today.

38 thoughts on “Get Well Wishes 4 Riika and Leo

  1. Jingle I love the poem and I went to riika and leo to wish them a speedy recovery.
    I will be posting sometime today for potluck. So, sorry I haven´t been real active for the last couple of weeks. I had some major computer problems, which seem to be resolved now.

    1. That’s not done Leo- you had not shared that you weren’t keeping well.. Not done.. 😦
      Get well soon My Dear Leo..
      See you all back into form in Rally. Take care..

  2. Thank you Jingle and everyone!^^~ All of you brings a smile on my face this early morning! =D My fever, sore throat and cough are gone now, all it remains is a slight headache and red dots, I will be back very soon once my head is cleared of whirls and turns =3~~~ Miss all of you!<3

    1. That’s wonderful to hear…. errrr Read I mean.. 😀 Like Amanda said- don’t scratch!!
      I am missing you and I am sure so is everyone else.. My Dear Butterfly girl- emerge from your cocoon now.. 🙂 You are being missed..
      Much Love.. xoxoxox

  3. Jingle, what a lovely poem! And thank you for all your hard work and dedication – it’s appreciated!

    Leo and Riika, I hope you are both well very very very soon! Sending well wishes your way!

  4. You are a sweetheart for doing this Ji..
    Will go over to their blogs immediately 🙂
    About the potluck, I’m not quite sure if I will be able to participate this time….a lot of things going on which seem to have led to my “poet’s block” at the!
    I hope this won’t affect my participation next week? Thank you for your never ending words of encouragement. Lots of love xoxox

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