Lovely Bubbles

Lasting only 4 a few seconds,

They glow with a rainbow light.

Stirring up excitement in the air,

What a magical transformation in sight.


Lovely bubbles, lonely bubbles,

Colorful bubbles, plain bubbles,

All dance with joy everywhere,

It’s phenomenon to see them appear.


Bubbles of dreams at times

hold the envision of the bursting foam,

Discover your own rhymes,

Bring your bubbles home.


One Single Impression (lonely)

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Writer’s Island (Envision)

Alphabe-Thursday (D is 4 Discover)

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50 thoughts on “Lovely Bubbles

  1. Blowing soap bubbles, chasing bubbles across the lawn, champagne bubbles–all these bubbles are fun, but the way you used bubbles was even better. Lonely bubbles, –bring your bubbles home. Great poem!
    You are always bubbling over with new things. I wish I had your energy.

  2. I love bubbles too. I look after little kids often and we always blow bubbles. I especially love the new big wands they have, which make the most spectacular small irridescent little planets that float away on the breeze………

  3. You always use imagery & symbolism with such a kind bent. Even your words seem gentle in the way they relate to the subject matter/theme. I always enjoy stopping by to read through your poems. Hope the week has been going well,


  4. Jingle, why am I not surprised you are writing about colorful bubbles? Love the image you chose, and your whole poem brought a big grin to my face. Thanks for posting this to the Isle; that’s where I found it!

    Amy Barlow Liberatore

  5. Sometimes I can sit as my youngest blows bubbles and day dream about floating off in one until I see one that sticks to the porch and then I get a trapped feeling …and shift back to what I was doing.

  6. Jingle,
    I love this; I love bubbles, their iridescent beauty is so
    reflective of a rainbow. I like how you tied the symbolism
    in; Well Done~ I loved it!

  7. Jingle

    You managed to send your magical bubbles of delight and enchantment across the barriers to warm the hearts of many memes in one short delightful poem.

    Nicely crafted and sweet – fun and full of joy.


  8. Wonderful Poem!!

    I blow bubbles for my dogs, it allows me to pretend I am still a kid.

    Yes, and the rainbow inside of them is absolutely beautiful.

    Thank you for the wonderful image today!!! I don’t have any more bubbles, need to go shopping!


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