I Read, I Live

As a child,

My imagination often runs wild,

I would close my eyes

To shut off ghosts lurking near my bed,

I would roll a dice

If fears start to dominate my head.

I have read many graphic novels,

I have watched many classical films,

I have juggled marbles,

I have listened to folktales in huge volumes.

Dreams in the red chamber may be fancy,

Witches in a horror movie may be sneaky,

But a fiction is a fiction,

All fictions evoke thrill to produce addiction.

With each clash,

Upon every crash,

Children’s world is enriched in a flash,

Writer are definitely encouraged to make big flash

By letting the creative fire burn to ash.

As a child,

My imagination often runs wild.

I read,

I live,

I grow,

I achieve.

I write,

I share,

I glow,

I care!









This is a poem inspired by image at

Monday’s Child

also submitted to Poetry Pantry

45 thoughts on “I Read, I Live

    1. I simply did what you said indeed…
      however, I doubt my talent at all…

      I simply write what’s coming in mind without looking at other’s work. it is original, but I lack confidence in the piece.

  1. You have a wonderful imagination – we have to let it run free – it is what helps us grow and helps to grow the world too….thank you as always for contributing to Monday’s Child….blessings..bkm

  2. We lose all the fears we have as we grow up and mature. Then some people become caring, happy people. Thanks, Jingle, for caring.

  3. Lovely poem!!! I am deep in the escape of a great fiction book right now myself… a very rare treat, since I am balancing my three small children and trying to sleep.

  4. very brilliant jingle. its true, first we read and live because we read. then we share it and help others to live.
    have a beautiful weekend.

  5. A great read! I wonder sometimes whether that’s the key to writing, to become a child again – just with a few years of experience to input into your mind, to keep the flash as bright as possible.

  6. The child is still in me, probably in all of us. It keeps us young.
    But now we can separate the fiction from reality. Not always fun, though.

  7. Just like you, I love reading fiction, and it does wonder to our creative thinking 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

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