C It Your Way

U only live your life once,

U shall not allow any opportunity to go waste.

C it your way,

Make your day.

C is 4 COURAGE, the courage

2 fight anything that means to discourage.

If u r innocent,

U shall fear nothing

That r set up

2 shut u up;

If u r decent,

U shall fear nothing

that means to quiet u down

or make u drown.

U shall have the courage not to compromise your reputation,

to conquer possible deconstruction,

the courage to confront crimes,

to compose poetry that rhymes.

to collect wisdom,

to crash boredom,

to clarify confusions,

to count contributions.

to correct wrongs,

to compile songs.

to crack cases,

to convey graces.

to connect poets,

to contest doubts,

U shall have the courage to cry,

to try,

to continue

your avenue

to live, love,

And rise above…..

C it your way,

Never waste one single day.


This is an entry 4 Alphabe-Thursday


C is 4 ….

Submitted to Thursday Thinking Tank at Poets United:



43 thoughts on “C It Your Way

  1. Your poetry is delightful, Jingle. Unique also! I smile when I see an email advertising a new post of another bright flame or flicker of your special kind of fun and wisdom in verse.

  2. A beautiful way to look at the world. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. A very positive outlook on life put into a great poem.

  3. Jingle! Wow.

    U R so clever and I C how hard you have worked to let us all share in your lovely talent.

    Such a thought provoking post.

    Thank you for linking it to Alphabe-Thursday.

    I appreciate your posts.


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