What Can You See?

Bloggers blog,

Writers write,

Feel free to blog,

Feel free to decide.

Look at the blue image of the sea,

what do you see?

I see a snow bear

with NO hair;

I see a hole

with a plastic pole;

I see a sir

Who makes a curious stare;

I see a prank

Inside a water tank…

wow, come on,

Let’s write about our own life song.

Any questions? Ask Eric,

Enjoy the fun, No panic!


A poet, a talented and very supportive blogger, Eric, has his very first prompt posted today, write a story, a poem, or  a funny caption based on the image he provided, comment and leave your link to let  him know…he will visit you and have fun!


This is also an entry 4

Jingle Poetry Week 4 Monday Poetry Potluck

56 thoughts on “What Can You See?

  1. You’re the best, Jingle! Thanks for being the first participant for my photo.

    That picture was taken in the Artic Ring of Life exhibit at the Detroit Zoo. There’s a long plexiglass tunnel that goes under the water where the polar bears and seals swim. (Not together obviously) It’s also where I took THESE pictures.

  2. divine…..eye = eye
    truth remains truth irrespective the forward or reverse viewing…….without any comments…….
    with comments one view what mind wants to see…….
    two eyes merging to bring third dimensional eye …..eye to view things in balanced perspective is third eye of lord “shiva” the yoga of senses…
    love all..

  3. No doubt about it.. a very beautiful one.. this is such a treat to read that the 1st thing in the morning..
    Have fun.. enjoying already.. 😀

  4. Love the imagery and the picture. There was a polar bear at the Central Park Zoo… so depressing. No mate, no other bear to play with. He was seriously depressed and turning sort of yellow. I complained to the zoo to no avail. This kid looks happy and at least is not out there in the rapidly warming Arctic struggling to find a free ice floe…

    Great stuff, Jingle! You make happy with words, oh, you know what I mean!!! Amy

  5. this is really beautiful… light, funny and entertaining. well done, jingle! sorry i have been a bit “off” lately and i missed to greet you on your birthday. belated happy, happy, happy birthday jingle! here’s wishing you more years of poetry writing and blogging, good health and prosperity. muahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  6. Wonderful look…the bear..the hole..the two snow balls,all blue and white…the poem of yours is inviting me to write one..Keep it up ,Jingle….you are truly a support for all poeters

  7. this was so cute 🙂
    You always know how to put a smile on my face Ji…
    Sorry for not being able to participate in the potluck as much as I would like to..
    Hope you understand..I promise to do my best next week
    Loves xoxo

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