Love Has Wings

She stares at him,

Her face wet,

With the room light dim,

He is what she wants to get.


He stares back at her,

his mind sings,

Bliss is eventually here,

Love has wings.


Body and soul,

They emerge.

Time freezes

In steaming hot breezes.


Room for Romance

Someone Is Special started a new meme called ROOM for Romance…I am not a good romance writer, but write this one (a fiction created based on the prompt) to show my support…Hope that you join us and share your romance poetry or stories with us!

Poets United Poetry Pantry

31 thoughts on “Love Has Wings

  1. Are you sure you’re not good at writing romance?? This poem says different. This is beautiful and I like the moment and the imagery here. I say bravo!!

  2. Hi Ji..

    I welcome you officially to “Room for Romance”….

    Love has wings.. so romantic and your pen romanced well with the image..

    I am happy to get support from you Ji and I know I will.. Thank you so much for the romance with the image and also helping me by giving a wonderful support..

    –Someone Is Special–

  3. Jingle, we are going to have to put you right up there with those undying romantics, Tracy and Amanda … This is wonderful. You certainly can do this. Here we see another side of you! 🙂 So sweet.

    I see someone here wishes you happy birthday! I didn’t know:


    Birthday hugs to you … and thanks for the dear poem.

  4. I agree, love has wings… but sometime they fly away from you…. just like Tina Turner’s “On Silent Wings”. Nonetheless, beautifully written poem!

  5. you may not consider yourself a romance writer, but this piece would argue otherwise– there’s quite a bit of passion here in just 12 little lines…

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