Nobody Shall Ask You 2 Stop

When it comes to arithmetic,

1 plus 1 is equal to 2,

The equality is perfectly true.

when it comes to opinions at a poll,

1 plus 1 may not be equal to 2,

YES may be canceled by NO.

Equality reflects life’s quality,

One shall be aware of conflicts in reality.

Equality in life is everyone’s dream,

That’s how M. L. K. won his fame.

When it comes to blogging,

Everyone has the freedom in posting.

It does not matter where you live,

It does not matter what you believe,

Your RIGHT to blog is there,

An equal opportunity for all to shine and share.

Nobody shall ask you to stop,

Nobody shall act like a blogging cop.

Do your own share,

Never threat or scare…

Writing posts is like driving your own car,

do it with care,

near or far,

Enjoy your ride with zero despair.

People may disagree,

But RESPECT is to be maintained for free.

Grow your own friendship tree,

Stop blog bullying from blocking your way.


This poem is inspired by the prompt offered at Poets United: Thursday Thinking Tank..

our world is filled with people of different gender, race, background, and age…Blog hosts such as and offer everyone an equal opportunity to express yourself, make visual or online friends, and built up solid writing skills…This is a renaissance in celebrating FREEDOM of expression, EQUALITY in global sense.

Let’s cherish it, honor it!

at last, I want to share a quote with you:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievance.”

—-The First Amendment

To the U. S. Constitution

Happy Thursday 2 All My Blogging Friends!

U R The Best!

33 thoughts on “Nobody Shall Ask You 2 Stop

  1. Yes, we have freedom in this forum and with it we should respect one another and be kind to all. We do not have to agree with someone to be gentle and caring, nor should we demand that others agree with us. Your poem says it all, Jingle. Good writing! Blessings to you…

  2. This is wonderful Jingle–I’m glad you found a creative way of addressing cyber bullying

    while staying true to yourself. Great work.

  3. You display this point with an eloquent an articulate way and… a very sharp edge. You are absolutely correct though… I am with you 100%. We will be free!

  4. this is so true, jingle. we should all remember that freedom is not absolute. i remember one saying about this: “the right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” it’s all about respect.

    what a great piece, jingle. 🙂

  5. But RESPECT is to be maintained for free. I love this line; How I wish there was more equality, freedom and respect in the world! Food for thought; I am glad you put it out there, Well Done~

  6. yayy!!! blogging is one of the best things in the world. It lets you express your feelings without the fear of being ridiculed of!! My humblest thanks to whoever came up with the idea of blogging.
    Your writing reflects the beautiful soul in you Ji…. yet another masterpiece 🙂
    Happy Friday!!!

  7. This particularly caught my attention because recently a blogger was jailed for 16yrs in Iran for posting a so called “blasphemy”.
    I loved this post…I wish the blog bullies and those who try to limit freedom of speech and freewill will get educated in no time.

    Thanks for sharing….Have a lovely weekend.

    Super cheers to you Jingle.

  8. Thinking back to MLK and now looking at our world filled with bloggers getting their message out it makes me think how cool it would have been if MLK had a blog back then. Ehemm if there were personal computers I mean.

  9. These are such great thoughts for all bloggers to follow… I agree that the right to speech is for each and everyone of us and we all are entitled to respect; if all people thought this way there would be equality and everlasting peace in our world. Well said, Jingle…some wonderful points shared here in your poem. Happy Weekend! heartspell

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