39 thoughts on “Kindle The Flames of Kindness

  1. divine……from head not from heart…

    children are the enlightened master…..their basic nature is kindness only….
    world should learn from children…….if we stop teaching them…..we have already robbed the time from the oneness time of childhood…….from earlier 7 years to 3 years now….

    let we learn kindness and leave insensitiveness …..towards them….

  2. So fun how the alliteration – that hard “K” of kittens and throughout your haiku is so opposite the sound of purring or meowing…. never noticed that before!

    Fun write as always, Jingle – thank you for all you do (and all the words you write!)

  3. Just dropped in to say aloha and that is one fine haiku. The two images are so bifurcated, it is wonderful to see that kind of thinking expressed in such a pared down form. Your poetry always carries with it the sense of kindness regardless of form or content, something about the way you formulate your lines and your word choice. Always enjoy stopping by to check out what you have been up to!


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