Too small for U. S. Cents,

Too rare to be in historical museum,

Too heavy to make sense,

Too abstract to dwell in the hands of the child.


A shooting star soars cross the sky,

A spark flashes through the squeezing rocks,

A lightening flies by,

A basket of wool to make warm socks.


All promises freeze like ice,

All greetings ring like bells.

All gamblers focus on the dice,

All smiles ripple under the spells.


Hides behind the time that flies,

Dances in the hands that knit ties.

Hope is like the invisible air,

It makes stirs everywhere….


Monday’s Child:   Monday’s Child

Poets United Poetry Pantry

Jingle Poetry Monday Poetry Potluck

31 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I think this is a lovely you picture you have painted with words here, Jingle..
    Lovely imagery! It brought flashes before my eyes.. making so many things so very clear… beautifully done, Ji!
    Thanks for sharing it with poetry potluck! Positive and tender…

  2. wow jingle iam amazed u write the most interesting poems and haikus… u also manage 3-4 poet sites and give out awards on time…. u make good rules to enter the rallies… you comment on everyones post and poem in unique words… are you sure only one person or u r like a group of ppl working under jingle blog 😛

    cheers to you beautiful person !!!

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