If All The Words Go Flat

If all the words go flat

Like the knap of a kitten’s back,

Do you ruffle the page

to show your waves of rage?

Do you Rally your courage

Trying not to discourage?

Do you rabble up the rouse

To insult someone’s spouse?

Do you plant more pain

Or figure out a way to explain?

Maybe you shall refrain

From emotional explosion,

I will try to remain

in a position

Where I am nowhere


artificial fame,

man-made shame,

Luxurious repasts,

Hatred blasts,

Big bigotry,

Polluted factory….

I will lean back,

Take a deep breath,


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Blue Monday at  Smiling Sally

64 thoughts on “If All The Words Go Flat

  1. Great advice in verse. When we feel disappointment it is too easy to act out our frustration. We need to lighten up. Your verse is such a sweet way to express this truth. Blessings to you…

  2. Great read and a perfect read for me to start a new week Jingle…well done and so happy to see it’s for Monday Potluck Whoohooo…will post in about half an hour 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Ha ha, smart and funny. So true, I wish everyone thought the same way!! In life, this principle will help us be composed in spite of hurtful words.. If someone says something mean, my first instinct is to walk away because an argument will be just be ugly and hard on the heart..
    I love your attitude!

  4. A deep breathe is good when the fight doesn’t really matter but then when does it really matter or would problems be best dealt with calm thought?…Hmmm great poem!

  5. Where in the hell do you find the time to write inspired poetry with all the other amazing things you do for poets on the web? You always manage to put your philosophy into your poems; that’s an admirable trait. Excellent poem, and thanks for posting. It was a fine read.


  6. That’s a very clever way to put forth a super cool message! Nicely said, Ji!
    Sitting back, and taking a deep breath always helps!!
    Thank you for linking it with poetry potluck, my friend.. reading your work is always a treat!!! You ROCK!!! 🙂

  7. I know this comment should be about the poem itself… but omg, those kittens are sooo cute. Its distracting (in a good way)!

  8. Wow…

    “artificial fame,

    man-made shame”

    Powerful. Great use of words. This flowed from the screen as I read it and made me think.

  9. intelligent advice for mental peace, for oneself and to a great limit others too, sometimes it good to follow your words for the sake of every one.

    the topics you said are so complex that they often differ from one person to another, so nothing concrete can be said about them but the suggestions should be kept in mind. 🙂

  10. Such important questions! …and the answer came so naturally…Just take a breath…The confusion or perhaps anxiety that can be felt at the start eases as you move through the poem. There is a release (I FELT it) at the end. Working through such big stuff in poetry is courageous! You are a brave, amazing, loving , talented individual!

    and those kittens are so cute I want to eat them (is that wrong?)

  11. If you are a highly spirited creature all of those things will happen, I think. When your creativity is hindered is there anything worse for the artist? I think not. Beautifully crafted.

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