Weekend Funnies

#1: What bird can lift the most?  (A crane)

#2: What can you hold without ever touching it? (A conversation)

#3: What clothes does a house wear? (Address)

#4: What do the moon and the false teeth have in common?

(They both come out at night time)

#5: What are the strongest days of the week?

(Saturday and Sunday, the rest are all week (weak) days.)

#6: Which runs faster, hot or cold?

(hot, because everyone can catch a cold)

#7: What is the most dangerous city? (Electricity)

18 thoughts on “Weekend Funnies

  1. What a purr-fect roaring riddle..(cat & lion in mirror)..Eh why you gave the answers already or did I miss out the riddle before you gave the answers? hehe..Great riddles likey #6 the most.

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