I Know How 2 Identify A Frog From A Toad

A frog is a frog,

A toad is a toad,

A frog loves a log,

A toad enjoys crawling on a road.

A frog is handsome,

A toad is not,

A frog is winsome,

A toad is not.

When a toad wants to be a frog,

He is daydreaming.

When a toad is disguised as a frog,

He is self-insulting.

Be yourself,

Don’t lie!

Respect others,

Stop stirring up a fire.

I know how to identify a frog from a toad,

So far, my story is told.


A Is 4 Everything, Such as A frog, A toad, and a fire, or a road.

This is 4 Alphabe-Thursday

36 thoughts on “I Know How 2 Identify A Frog From A Toad

  1. We just had this discussion with our daughter this weekend. . .we found a tree frog and so we had to learn all about what a second grader knows about the difference between a frog and a toad. I will have to share your poem with her!

  2. LOL… I read both the meanings- oh and I find frogs pretty cute.. LOL again.. Infact few of my stories have been dedicated to them… 😀
    Very nicely conveyed both the expressions..

  3. I love the rhyme in the poem great one and i have tried to post for your oneshot but it’s not let me post even though i enter all information needed so don’t know what to do but here below was my response to it:

    Very sweet poem and exercise…Jingle..

    Okay here i go:
    Oranges are fun,
    Mangoes are funnier,
    Peaches are the funniest. x 🙂

    Wild Rose~

  4. Aside from self-esteem issues of the creatures, frogs are more water/moisture-based amphibians and toads land-based. Frogs a have longer, more powerful jumping legs and bulgier eyes than toads. And frogs have teeth (little ones) and toads don’t.

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