J Is 4 ….

Juvenile judgment is no fun,

Be the just, judicious, and respectful one,

And jump 4 bliss, done!


Haiku Heights (Bliss)

J is 4  …at  ABC Wednesday

Monday’s Child at  Monday’s Child

Wednesday Haiku (Respect)   http://youknowthatblog.com/

The Perfect Poet Award

Imagina nominated Jingle 4 this honor,


Thanks, dear Imagina, you are so very kind and encouraging!

I humbly accept the award here xxx

and would like to nominate

Jamie Dedes

4 Week 29 The Perfect Poet Award!

Congratulations, Jamie, Thanks for the beautiful job this week!

43 thoughts on “J Is 4 ….

  1. Such a darling illustration and photo. Just delightful. Makes me feel like a kid again … and that takes some doing! 🙂

    Good response to the promot.

    Thanks for the award, Ji! Appreciate it much. Hugs!

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