Let Time Show, Tic Toc Toe

Time is full,

Full of expectations,

Full of growth,

Full of grace.


Full of pains,

Full of gains,

Full of loses,

Full of wins,


Time could tell,

Time could yell,

Time could smell,

But she has me under a spell.


Time is free,

Free to grow a tree,

Free to spend,

Free to share with a friend.


Time could dance,

Time could balance,

Time could reveal,

Time could prevail.


Let time go,

Free your ragged soul,

Let time show,

Tic toc toe.


magpie tale

Theme Thursday

30 thoughts on “Let Time Show, Tic Toc Toe

  1. Jingle, this is a lovely poem! And your illustrations perfect are for it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Time. And I love the tic tac toe, I mean, Tic Toc Toe title! You are CLEVER and talented beyond expression.

  2. Time marches on, but we’ll never keep up with it anyway, so we might as well take the advice in your poem and just free our souls… great words you’ve shared with us, Jingle. Thank you for sharing. heartspell

  3. Jingle, I love what you do and I would love to participate more. I apologize for my ignorance, but I’m not sure how to do some of the ‘linking in’ or adding buttons for prizes, etc. Can anyone help me?

    1. if you have a post for Theme Thursday in your blog, for example, you simply write it down and it would be okay, to link your entry to the other side,

      first: click on the title of your entry post and highlight the title in the box of top of your screen, right click on your computer mouse and choose “copy”,
      2nd: click on the Theme Thursday to get to the site in my post, you see two empty boxes, type in the title or your name in the first box, click on the 2nd box, right click your mouse and choose “paste”,

      keep practicing, if you have trouble, after you post your magpie tale or theme thursday post, let me know, I can link your entry for you…
      Good Luck!
      Happy Sunday!

  4. Jingle — I love it!!!

    You are just such an amazing poet. And person.

    Still can’t believe an angel such as you is in the blogging midst — and to think I actually blogged for over one whole year until we met!! But better late, than never.f

    And all our life time to go.

    And no limit to good things, forever.


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