Don’t Misread Me!

I decide to stay in my comfortable zone.

I have to spend time alone.

I have nightmare last night,

I don’t feel right.

I am having headaches,

I am having writer’s blocks.

My muses are gone,

I am not sure what’s wrong.

I am sorry

That I begin to worry,

I am done,

I am fine.

Don’t misread me,

I am not hurt,

Don’t assume me,

I am not sad.

I simply feel exhausted,

I am going to call a friend,

I am going to put it to an end.

I am going to make adjustment,

I am going to rediscover life’s enjoyment.


Hello, how are you? I hope your day goes well. This poem somewhat reflects my mindset now. I barely dream, but last night, I have had this strange dream, which makes me sweat, and it keeps me awake the whole night…I feel out of breath, so I am going to stay away from the computer and do something else today.  I will stop doing all Thursday memes today, sorry.  Thanks for the understanding! BEST Regards.

61 thoughts on “Don’t Misread Me!

  1. Dont worry Jingle–we’ve all been there.
    It’s a good idea to stay away from the computer.
    Journalling helps me when I have nightmares or negatigve thoughts.

    Feel better,

  2. I hate when you have a dream that affects your whole day. I too have had many things running in my brain, but nothing that is flowing out of me as of late. Take care of you Ji

  3. Sometimes, it’s good to step away and take a rest. I often find that I put a lot of pressure on myself. I am trying to expect less and enjoy more away from my computer. I always have a hard time shaking off bad dreams. Best wishes, Jingle.

  4. I am happy you’re stepping away for a bit, I know how hard you work and sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses. Take care of yourself Jingle…and hope you’ll have loads of fun:) xxx

  5. I am wishing you Happy Dreams tonight, Jingle. I hope you have a peaceful, fun-filled weekend with no headaches…. love to you, my friend. Wishing you joy…. Heartspell

  6. Yes Jingle, you have to take care of your health, please stay away from your computer for sometime.. We all are with you..

    –Someone Is Special–

  7. “I am going to rediscover life’s enjoyment..” That should be of utmost priority.. Ji, You are so full of life.. You certainly deserve some time to enjoy Life too..


  8. Sweet…but I wonder how you wrote this if you muse was truly gone…or maybe you have two muse(s)…LOL

    Cheer up, Jingle…wish you all the best and be back to your computer screen asap!

  9. But I am trying hard not to make assumptions!! Hope everything is ok, now?! Jingle can’t read a post like this from you, sorry, but that’s just the way it is!
    Cheers and lots of fun to you,
    Kick ass to your tiredness.. 😉

  10. divine……when one buy a computer worth one thousand ….the users manual comes with it…..brain is a trillion dollar computer….but no users manual….so must be users friendly….but most of us without knowing play with the keys…..and some time it runs the anti virus program on some negative thoughts …dreams…and we are also a witness…
    dreams have nothing to do with you….simple way to operate the brain…..let God wish guide me…be happy….bless you..

  11. Sorry to hear you’re feeling low, Jingle…sending you lots of love and light, together with a big kiss! Hope you’re back to your sparkling self soon, X

  12. Hey Jingle – it’s SOooooo good to take a break every now and then – and you deserve it!!!!!! 😀 It’s so easy to put too much pressure on ourselves xx

  13. Hi Ji,
    Thanks for your comments on my poet-tree – It’s certainly been awhile since I last visited any of your posts. I have missed catching up too. Love the new look! I have a few moments and will spend some time catching up with what you’ve been doing. Take care 🙂

  14. Dear Sweet Jingle, I believe taking care and recharging and do what ever is best for YOU is most important. Blog in what ever way works well for you and your body. I’ve had to cut back on my blogging because of a hurt back it is difficult when you are use to blogging a certain way. Rest and do what ever you need to do to take care of your self. Play and recapture the Joy that spills forth for all of us to revel in.

  15. Dearest Jingle,

    I am sorry about your bad dream recently. I hope today is a happy frame of mind for you?

    I am not sure if this applies to you specifically today, but something I am learning is it’s okay to give things up that are putting pressure on us. We make rules, then forget we can break them at any time. I read that from a wide blogging friend, Nadia of Happy Lotus Lifestyles. We must keep faith when we feel in a dip. even happier moments await us.

    We are happier when we allow things to evolve, lessons all along the way until we learn them.

    We must give something up to gain something else.

    In life and blogging we breathe in and out, in new, out old. In new again.

    Old doors close, new beautiful ones open, always. Trust that.

    You are deeply love by many.


  16. Whoops !! Did you read my typo??

    My friend is wise, not wide. 🙂


    Well, not wide that I know of, I’ve only seen her from the torso up, but she looks lovely. And beautiful! And is a New York snappy communicator!!

    xoxo (again)

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