Cute, Cuter, Cutest

A rectangle is cute,

A square is cuter,

A circle is the cutest.


A cow is cute,

A cow that gives milk is cuter,

A cow that gives high quality milk is the cutest.


A cello is cute,

A cello that is played by a boy is cuter,

A cello that is played by a boy to make the sickly heal is the cutest.


A pumpkin is cute,

A pumpkin with a happy face is cuter,

A pumpkin with a happy face glowing in the dark is the cutest.


A panda is cute,

A panda in a child’s arms is cuter,

A panda in a smiling child’s arms is the cutest.


A poem is cute,

A poem that tickles is cuter,

A poem that tickles and inspires is the cutest.


It is YOUR turn!

Pink is cute,

_____ is cuter,

_______ is the cutest!

Feel Free To Fill In The Blank Above, Enjoy A Pink Cute Day :)!

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47 thoughts on “Cute, Cuter, Cutest

  1. Pink is cute,
    A pink dress for a baby is cuter,
    A pink teddy bear for a pink dress baby is the cutest.

    –Someone Is Special–

  2. Pink is cute
    A friend wearing pink is cuter
    My friend, Jingle, wearing pink, is the cutest! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Happy Pink Weekend, Jingle!
    Lovely, uplifting, smart poem!

  3. A wrinkle in a pink blanket is cute
    A pink wrinkle in a sweet cheek is cuter
    A pink twinkle in a faraway star is cutest

    That was fun! Thank you for sharing.

  4. oh…morning Jingle. I gave you a Happiness Award. You can accept on my page. “YOU MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY” ..i was singing that, but there are no musical note keys on my keyboard …

  5. LOVED THIS!! Absolutely refreshing and delightful to read!! Loved the panda :))

    Pink is cute
    Pink cheeks are cuter
    Pink cheeks on a little smiling girl are cutest!!

    Happy Mondayyyyyy!! 🙂

    1. Loved it Kavi…

      Cute, cuter and cutest..

      Thanks Jingle for giving this opportunity for see many cute pink…

      –Someone Is Special–

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