35 thoughts on “Human Beauty Is Special

  1. Tulips and cabbage
    are an Alaskan moose feast.

    Plant them both
    To soothe that savage beast.

    You couldn’t paint him with makeup
    He’d still be ugly as sin.

    But since he’s part of nature
    He’s always going to win.

  2. I’ll take cabbages any day, LOL! Awesome post! Nature is a wonder-filled experience. Excellent work! =)


  3. I love these Haiku’s Ji..

    Particularly the second one is so so so so chweetttttttttt………….

    –Someone Is Special–

  4. Lovely. I really liked this one.

    I have some new poems up on my page, hope you’ll check them out.

    Here’s a little present from me to you:

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