Monday’s Child In Thursday Thinking Tank

It’s a lovely summer morning,

I am in my room, sitting.

I let my window open,

I breath fresh air

While waiting for something to happen,

I see a bird in despair.

It’s a baby bird,

It looks rather sad.

I want to invite it in,

Yet I have no idea how to begin.

It hurts

That this cutie is away from its parents.

I don’t want to scare it away,

Thus I stay put

Daring not to say

Anything, bad or good.

Recalling my mom’s kiss

On my cheeks,

I reckon this bird must miss

Its mom for weeks.

I want to have a chance

To play with it in the wild,

I imagine we do space dance

To entertain the world.

“what have you found?”

I feel the lips

And hear the words,

As I turn around,

I see toy ships

And game swords.

Oh, my,

I give a heavy sign,

The bird is disturbed and is gone,

I ask my mom to leave me alone!


This is my entry 4

Thursday Thinking Tank #13 (Kiss) at Poets United

and Monday’s Child #10 hosted by Signed-bkm

Happy Thursday!

40 thoughts on “Monday’s Child In Thursday Thinking Tank

  1. What a charming piece, so simply put in the way of a child…I love this poem, and the illustration you chose for it is perfect!

    It’s wonderful to see you featured on Poets United..I will go back and read the whole piece after I visit a few more Prompt posts. Congratulations…


  2. beautiful piece, lovely story — the ties to motherhood, between human and bird and the emotion the child has for the poor thing….well done…miss jingle…bkm

  3. You have a tender heart that shows in your writing. I enjoyed the little story in verse very much. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Lovely story and words to illustrate the mother and child’s bond. I remember the days when I can take my kid’s boo boo away with a bandage and a kiss. And they thought I was the greatest doctor ever lived. 🙂

  5. You reminded me of my childhood, well I still sometimes watch outta window like this but yeah am no more innocent enough to think on birds like this as I used to do as a child. thankQ for sharing such a beautiful vivid poem, glad that the bird is okay, glad that he has him mum to kiss him, hope someday that bird meets her mum as well.

  6. And the moment was broken. Sigh. 😛

    Lovely little poem about that careful, shared moment between boy and bird, Jingle. The illustration that accompanies it is real fine too. I probably ought to know of the artist, but I don’t unfortunately.

  7. Such a pleasant rhymming poem.. so sweet words to express the child’s feel… Great…

    –Someone Is Special–

  8. That’s a beautiful story, Ji…. I was feeling a little sorry for the little birdie, but when said that it had flown, I was kinda happy.. I mean it must have found its way, right?! Ofcourse, the child must’ve felt bad that it had gone… yet, I am sure he too felt happy later 🙂
    This is lovely, Jingle.. you are sooo kind and gentle..
    Much love to you… (hugs)

  9. I always feel so sad for baby birds waiting for Mom or Dad to come back with food. They are so small, vulnerable, beautiful. And those who grow up and sing are some of Life’s greatest gifts.

    Beautiful poem. touched me deeply.


  10. Hi Jingle,

    I loved the innocence and sense of wonder that you conveyed in this lovely poem.

    Visit my poetry blog for a sample of my poems at



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